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The YK9A team is extremely grateful to these companies, clubs and individuals who have graciously helped us with donations of equipment and finances:

bulletIcom America for their loan of 4 IC-756 PRO radios.
bulletINDEXA for their financial support and QSL printing.
bulletThe Northern Cal DX Foundation for their financial support.
bulletHAL Communications for their loan of RTTY equipment
bulletWriteLog Software for their donation of WriteLog to the local club station in Syria
bulletDXAID Propagation Prediction Software by Peter Oldfield for their donation of DXAID.
bulletDX4WIN Logging Software for their donation of DX4WIN software.
bulletDunestar Systems for their loan of several bandpass filters.
bulletThe American Radio Relay League for their donation of handbooks and manuals.
bulletThe Willamette Valley DX Club for working with the Syrian government to grant us a license, and their financial contribution.
bulletMark Perrin, N7MQ for his generous financial contribution.
bulletThe Central Virginia Contest Club for their financial contribution.
bulletThe Ft. Wayne DX Association for their financial contribution.
bulletK0FF, W8LRL, W8UVZ, K8GG, W0CD and Lance Johnson Engineering for their contribution of antennas and associated preamps.
bulletBob Evans, W7RR for his support of the group and loan of numerous pieces of computer and antenna hardware.
bulletW4DAA for his financial contribution.
bulletW4MYA for his financial contribution.