Picture ot K5MR's Antenna Farm

Steve Taylor's contest station in Gunter, Texas

I had the great pleasure of joining my old Richardson (Texas) Junior High School friends K5MR (Steve, x-WB5AOF), N5RZ (Gator/Ralph, x-WB5AAR), and K5NZ (Mike, x-WB5AAS) in the 1999 CQ WW SSB operation at K5MR's contest station.  Also operating was Larry, K5OT.  Ross, WB5BNG, who was also licensed with us back in 1969, dropped by for a visit but didn't operate.  My father, then W5EQ, gave Ralph and Mike their novice tests back in 1969.

I took a few pictures while I was there, and this web site is the result.  Click on the any picture below to tour K5MR:

Steve's six towers
The beverage antennas
Coax distribution and remote switching
More tower/ antenna pictures and wire antenna details
Operators & Equipment
The Taylor Residence

Be sure to see K5NZ's K5MR Page for more pictures and stories.

Dana Roode, K6NR, [email protected] - March 26, 2000