Our meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, except in December. We meet at The Dudley House at 19:00. After the meeting, some members go to Toppers Pizza to socialize. Come by, join us, and share your ham radio interests.

The net begins each Monday evening at 20:00 local time on the WD6EBY linked repeater system. This is a directed net, open to all amateur radio operators and is sponsored by K6MEP, the call sign for VCARC. The primary frequency of this net is 145.200 MHz with a minus offset and a PL of 127.3 Hz. If the repeater should fail for any reason, we can use South Mtn. repeater on 146.385 MHz with a positive offset and a PL of 127.3 Hz as backup.

Our 2022 Contest starts on January 3rd and ends on December 5th. Make sure to set your calendar alarms to remind you to check-in and join the Zoom get-together that follows.

The rules are as follows: The person who checks-in to the K6MEP Monday Night Net Contest must hold a valid Amateur Radio License. If a non-member wins, they will be given a two-year membership in the club. The awards consist of $100.00 for first place, $50.00 for second place and $25.00 for third place. In case of ties, the awards will be split equally among the members who qualify for the monetary award.

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Learn about our bylaws and read the articles of incorporation:

Current Board Members
Position Name Call Sign Contact
President Robert Shank KM6RSS [email protected]
Vice President Clement Alberts KM6OKZ [email protected]
Secretary Phil Cohen WA6BUZ [email protected]
Treasurer John Gartman W6JPG [email protected]
At-Large Board Member David Schmidt AI6VX [email protected]
At-Large Board Member Mark Swaney KD6ASL [email protected]
At-Large Board Member Burt Auerbach KA6BJA [email protected]