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Our call sign is K6MEP. We invite anyone who is interested in amateur radio to explore our website or attend one of our meetings.

We meet on the second Friday of every month, except in December. Our meetings are held at The Dudley House. Our meeting begins at 19:00. During the general meeting we discuss club activities and have a social and refreshment break before our presentation. After the meeting is adjourned, some members go to Toppers Pizza to socialize. Come by, join us, and share your ham radio interests.

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Current Conditions

Radio communication is impacted by space weather. Changes in ionospheric density and structure will modify the path of HF radio transmission or even block the signal transmission completely. Users of the HF radio band (1 to 30 megahertz range) include ham radio operators, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Defense, and commercial airlines.

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May 2022 Meeting

MEETING ADDRESS: Dudley Historical House, 197 N. Ashwood Dr. Ventura CA 93003 and simulcast on Zoom.
ATTENDANCE: Twenty one attended the in-person meeting and three attended the Zoom simulcast.

President Robert KM6RSS welcomed everyone and held the flag salute. Afterwards, he asked for any member who brought a guest to introduce them. Keith W6KME introduced Zak N6PK, who is the ACS/ARES Area 2 emergency coordinator. Kurt McCullum KN6TKN, from Camarillo, introduced himself and said that he had heard our Monday Night Net and was interested in our club. Janet Lawson Esq. KN6HPJ introduced herself and had heard about our club. Jan later joined the club that night and is now a full member.

At the May 8th board meeting, Burt KA6BJA was appointed to fill Steve Noll WA6EJO’s board position.

The next Board Meeting (on Zoom) is June 5th; everyone is invited to attend using the credentials on our calendars.
CVARC is holding a Ham radio licensing test at East Valley Sheriff's Station on April 10th.

Picnic: May 7th at the Dudley House.

The club’s next meeting date is June 10th. Tentatively scheduled is Clement Alberts KM6OKZ and/or Denney N6HV, our Field Day Committee members, who will lead our ”K6MEP Field Day Final Preparation Activities”. Field Day is June 24 (setup) 25, and 26 (takedown after 11am).

Thanks was given to all those who brought refreshments for tonight’s meeting (Linda, Ben K6QV and others).

Calendar: See groups.io or K6MEP.org for an updated Calendar.

K6MEP Monday Night Contest: Robert KM6RSS reported the status as of week 19; 299 check-ins with 36 visitors and a 15.74 average. He asked for volunteers as net control operators for 5/16 and 5/30. No one signed the volunteer log.

Budget Committee: John W6JPG, Dave AI6VX, and Mark KD6ASL (absent) have held their first budgeting meeting and are developing a process for board and club approval.

Goals Committee: Denney N6HV presented the status of the club’s inventory and work party date prior to swap meet at K6OIL in Santa Maria. He stated that he wouldn’t be going to the TRW swap meet on May 28th but Dave and Robert will join a work party at his house on May 21 to inventory and pack equipment for the TRW swap. Pedro K6MIL (absent) has said that he would drive his SUV and trailer to the swap and would be joined by other members to help obtain donations for the equipment.

Health and Safety: Mark KI6PTE wasn’t in attendance but provided the first aid kit; there were no issues.

Youth Outreach: Tim KN6JGB wasn’t in attendance.

Picnic: Highlights of the club’s May 7th picnic (about 30 members and guests, thanks to committee chairman Mark KD6ASL, Mark Ortega KI6YLH and others).

Meeting Venue: Pedro K6MIL, wasn’t in attendance. Update; no Boys & Girls Club, maybe Oxnard or Camarillo airport; no kitchen. Jan KN6HPJ offered to look into the Ventura Yacht Club.

ARRL Liaison (Dave AI6VX): Dave discussed his being listed on the ARRL web site and will obtain flyers for Field Day.

ACS/ARES Liaison (Burt KA6BJA) [Mountains to Beach]: Burt discussed needing more volunteers.

Club Committees: The club needs the following committees to assist with club business and would like volunteers for Membership, Monday Night Net and DecemberFest selection (December 9th)

Bob Brodie KJ6AAE needs Tim’s contact information (provided after the meeting).

Break for socialization and set-up (15 minutes)

PRESENTATION (started at approximately 20:30):
Denney N6HV discussed “Current K6MEP Field Day Preparation Activities” and provided a list of band and times for members to select. He showed several photos from the 2021 Field Day. Several questions were asked by members and Denney received a round of applause.

Richard WB6AEW presented a six minute YouTube video about amateur radio’s contribution to the “LAPRACC’S Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay” and included his activities and participation at the “one mile out” spotter position. Several questions were asked by members and Richard received a round of applause.

Denney made the motion to adjourn with Richard seconding. There was a unanimous vote and the meeting adjourned at 21:07. Everyone was invited to go to Toppers afterwards.

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