Ventura County Amateur Radio Club

About Us

Our call sign is K6MEP. We invite anyone who is interested in amateur radio to explore our website or attend one of our meetings.

We meet on the second Friday of every month, except in December. Our meetings are held at The Dudley House. Our meeting begins at 19:00. During the general meeting we discuss club activities and have a social and refreshment break before our presentation. After the meeting is adjourned, some members go to Toppers Pizza to socialize. Come by, join us, and share your ham radio interests.

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Current Conditions

Radio communication is impacted by space weather. Changes in ionospheric density and structure will modify the path of HF radio transmission or even block the signal transmission completely. Users of the HF radio band (1 to 30 megahertz range) include ham radio operators, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Defense, and commercial airlines.

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September 2022 Meeting


  • Picnic Results
  • Micro-Field Day: Oct 29
  • Club Inventory
  • K6MEP Monday Night Contest
  • ARRL Liaison
  • ACS/ARES Liaison
  • DecemberFest: Dec 9
  • Dues
  • Election Nominations
  • Presentation by Dave Schmidt
  • Next Board Meeting: Oct 9
  • Next General Meeting: Oct 14

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