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Our call sign is K6MEP. We invite anyone who is interested in amateur radio to explore our website or attend one of our meetings.

We meet on the second Friday of every month, except in December. Our meetings are held at The Dudley House. Social half-hour begins at 19:00. After a short break, the general meeting begins at 19:30. During the general meeting we discuss club business and have a presentation. After the meeting is adjourned, some members go to Toppers Pizza to socialize. Come by, join us, and share your ham radio interests.

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Current Conditions

Radio communication is impacted by space weather. Changes in ionospheric density and structure will modify the path of HF radio transmission or even block the signal transmission completely. Users of the HF radio band (1 to 30 megahertz range) include ham radio operators, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Defense, and commercial airlines.

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January 2022 Meeting

We had twenty-three attending our monthly meeting via Zoom. Seventeen were club members and five were visitors.

After the meeting was opened at 19:00, President Robert welcomed and thanked all who attended. He acknowledged each person and had a brief status discussion.

At 19:15 Tim Duffy K3LR was introduced and his brief resume was read. Tim presented the topic "Grounding and Bonding” and used a slide show to depict proper use of “earthing”.

After Tim's presentation, several members and guests asked several questions. After the question period was over, Tim was thanked and Robert mentioned the DX Engineering website as well as the many topics that were on the website, as well as the DX Engineering newsletter.


  • Robert read the minutes of the board meeting held on Sunday January 9th, 2022
  • Robert referred to the document from the DecemberFest dinner meeting as published in the January Keyer, as it wasn't a "regular" general membership meeting so no formal minutes were taken.

Officer's Reports

  • Treasurer John W6JPG provided the status of the club's accounts, which were the same as in the Sunday January 9th 2022 board meeting minutes, previously read to the members.

Committee Reports

  • Robert provided the status of the new K6MEP Monday Night Contest: 2 weeks, 32 check-ins with 4 visitors and a 16 average.
  • Denney N6HV presented the status of the club's inventory; he is continuing to take photos and hopes to have an update soon to be shared on the K6MEP website.
  • Mark Vodon KI6PTE provided an update about the club's safety equipment needs.
    1. There is a 30 minute CPR course at www.ecprcert.com that the membership might be interested in taking.
    2. The first aid kit that Jeremy KN6JMD discussed at our previous Monday Night Net Contest Zoom meeting ($350 on Amazon) can have an oxygen cylinder and mask added for $150 and an AED added for $570, according to Mark.
  • Robert acknowledged that the recommended amendments of the Bylaws have been sent to all members for review and a vote to accept the changes will be taken at the February 11th, 2022 general membership meeting.

New Business

  • Tim KN6JGB spoke about the MARS program and the naval bases and asked if there were active ham radio clubs there. Stewart KG6BOV, told us about an incident that happened in the past to an antenna which closed down the program.
  • The Dudley House’s newsletter mentioned that their board was looking to install internet. Dave AI6VX and Richard WB6AEW will work together to offer assistance to this effort.

Calendar: See groups.io or K6MEP for an updated calendar.
Winter Field Day Jan 29-30: Stewart Stone KG6BOV will send the club (via groups.io) his schedule including date, time and frequency so that our members can have a QSO with him.
Robert reminded everyone about the club's next meeting date February 11 where Paul Strauss WD6EBY will discuss the Ventura County Repeater Status.

John W6JPG made a motion to adjourn and Dave AI6VX seconded it. The motion passed.
The meeting adjourned at 20:59 hours.

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