VCARC's callsign is K6MEP and we invite anyone interested in amateur radio to click the link and go to our web page or attend one of our meetings. The date and times of the meetings are given on our web page.
K6MEP VCARC is a registered 501(c)(3) in Ventura County, California. We appreciate any donations of amateur radio equipment that will assist our members (especially the newly-licensed ones) with increasing their knowledge and skills. We will send you a donation acknowledgement letter for any donations you make to our non-profit organization.
Please contact to donate your equipment.


A Special Thanks To Those Who Have Already Donated!!

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                 Ventura County Amateur Radio Club/K6MEP


      Welcome to our Club Page

Contact us:

             VCARC is once again holding its meetings at The Dudley House, 197 N Ashwood Ave, Ventura, CA 93003.
Driving directions: From Hwy 101, take exit 66B for Main St, drive 0.4 mile. Use the right 2 lanes to keep right at the fork, follow signs for S Mills Rd/Main St W/U. C. S. B. and merge onto US-101 BUS/E Main St, drive 0.1 mile. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto S Mills Rd, drive 0.6 mile. Turn right onto Telegraph Rd, drive 0.5 mile Turn left onto N Ashwood Ave Destination will be on the left. The meeting room is in the basement. We usually monitor the 146.880 MHz - P/L 127.3 repeater for talk-ins before the meeting begins at 7:30 PM.

The latest information can always be found in the current Keyer newsletter above and on our e-group for members and others.

Click-->  Here to see a map. The location is the basement meeting room and more information can be found on

Our Club meeting is held on the second Friday of each Month (except December) at The Dudley House at 7:30 PM. The Board meeting is held at 7:00 PM before the General meeting and all members are invited to observe. After the Board meeting, we have a break, followed by the General meeting. During the General meeting we discuss club business and have a presentation (see listing, below). After the meeting is adjourned, some members go to Toppers Pizza to socialize. Come by, join us and share your Ham radio interests.

The May 14th meeting was held on the air at 19:00 by our club President Denney N6HV, who used the Sulphur Mountain Repeater, on 145.200 MHz with a minus offset and a PL of 127.3 Hz. He conducted a Zoom meeting and discussed old and new club business, as well as welcomed our new (and old) members. Robert KM6RSS, discussed "Changes to the FCC RF Exposure Rules 2021". Stu AG6AG provided detailed answers to many questions.

The June 11th meeting was held at The Dudley House at 19:00 and was conducted by our club President Denney N6HV. Denney presented "How to Program Hand-held Radios" (with CHIRP). We held our board election, which had been postponed from last November, due to COVID restrictions. Burt KA6BJA, our election administrator, conducted the election, and Pedro Morillas KE6MIL, our temporary secretary, certified the process and results. The following members were installed at our July 9th meeting: At-Large Board Members (3); Richard Abbey WB6AEW (incumbent), David Schmidt AI6VX, and Mark Swaney KD6ASL, Treasurer John Gartman W6JPG (incumbent), Secretary Pedro Morillas KE6MIL, Vice President Clem Alberts KM6OKZ (incumbent), and President-elect Robert Shank KM6RSS. We also discussed our Field Day (June 25, 26 and 27) schedule, assignments and status. 27 members and guests attended our meeting with two new Hams joining our club.

The July 9th meeting was held at The Dudley House at 19:00 and was conducted by our club President Denney N6HV. Our topic was "A review of our June 5th club Field Day "Preparation" and BBQ, as well as the 2021 Field Day, with Denney showing photos of the events.The following members were installed at our July 9th meeting: At-Large Board Members (3); Richard Abbey WB6AEW (incumbent), David Schmidt AI6VX, and Mark Swaney KD6ASL, Treasurer John Gartman W6JPG (incumbent), Secretary Pedro Morillas KE6MIL, Vice President Clem Alberts KM6OKZ (incumbent), and President Robert Shank KM6RSS. Twenty members and one guest attended our meeting. Robert, as outgoing at-large board member, was recognized with a certificate and Denney, as outgoing President, was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation, signed by the officers, which recognized him for "his ability to lead K6MEP During Unprecedented Trials and Tribulations as President of the Ventura Amateur Radio Club January 2020 – July 2021".

The August 13th meeting will be held at The Dudley House at 19:00 and will be conducted by our club President Robert KM6RSS. Our topic will be AREDN, presented by Orv Beach, W6BI. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings.

Club Presentations:

How not to do Moon Bounce (Updated) Click-->   Here

How to use N3FJP Logging Software Click-->   Here

Stu Sheldon AG6AG FT Talk Click-->  Here

Stu Sheldon AG6AG Emergency Communications (Screen Shots) Click-->   Here

Presentations--> Information about NVIS

Clem KM6OKZ "UV-C LED Reactor" Click-->   Here

Robert KM6RSS "Changes to the FCC RF Exposure Rules 2021" Click-->   Here



 Join/Renew  your membership in the Ventura County Amateur Radio Club; payment of 2021's dues are very appreciated.


Click--> Here to view the document, or--> Here to view our Articles of Incorporation.

We welcome new Hams, old Hams, and non-Hams who are interested in learning about radio communications and sharing the friendship and camaraderie of the local Ham community.  Local ARRL license exams can be located in our Keyer newsletter, usually around page 11 - Click on the moving S-Meter at the top of this page, or click here for a link to the ARRL "find and amateur radio license exam session". We are also planning activities such as:




Field Day 2021 IS HISTORY!

We held Field Day 2021 at the Duck Pond at Oxnard College (parking lot "B"). Ten members and friends helped us to set up the equipment on Friday, June 25th. Sixteen members signed in as operators on Saturday and twenty-eight visitors signed the log, including the Oxnard Fire Department's Battalion 61 Chief, Steve Reyes, and three Engine 166 crew members. On Sunday there were fifteen members (see photo) who logged in as operators/visitors and who helped remove the equipment and clean up our site. Many thanks to Oxnard College for allowing us to hold our Field Day 2021 at such a great location. On July 7th, we submitted our results to the ARRL and our preliminary total score is 2,282. 

 Click--> Here to listen to the 6/23/21 KVTA Interview with Denney, Mark Thompson and Robert Shank                            Click--> Here to view photos from our June 25 to June 27 Field Day



Field Day 2020 (completed)

Ventura County Hams collaborated across several clubs and provided tools and support via Zoom meetings and on the air repeater discussions so that everyone could follow the Ventura County's "shelter at home" restrictions. Many of our club members used N3MJP logging software, coupled with to manage our contact information. Although the results didn't have to be submitted to the ARRL until July 28, many members compiled their results and assisted others with the reporting requirements, as well as the software's ability to create "dupe" files for submission.

Click--> Here to view Field Day 2020 Photos

The 2019 Field Day began with set-up on Friday June 21. Operations began Saturday June 22 at 11AM and ended on Sunday June 23 11AM. We spent the next 4 hours taking down the antennas and masts and cleaning up. The location was the beautiful and grassy Oxnard College near Parking Lot B and the Duck Pond, between S. Campus Rd and E. Bard Rd. off of Entrance Rd.

Click--> Here to listen to the 6/20/19 K6MEP Field Day promotional  with FD co-chairman and Board Member Stewart Stone KG6BOV, Mark Thompson AE6GD and VCARC President Robert Shank KM6RSS on 1590 KVTA News/Talk Radio, hosted by Spence with  Rich, Tom and a special appearance by Andres from the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club who played with Mark's "bug" key

Click--> Here to view the location map

Click--> Here to view Field Day 2019 Photos


Our 2021 Contest started on January 11 and will end on December 6th. Make sure to set your calendar alarms to remind you to check-in and join the Zoom get-together that follows.

  Our Net is held each Monday night at 20:00 hrs local time (we won't hold the net on Christmas Eve/Day or New Year's Eve/Day if they fall on a Monday). We welcome all Ham operators so please check-in and join the roundtable discussion. The net is on Two Meters on the WD6EBY Repeater of Oxnard on 145.200 MHz (-)(PL 127.3). We also have a Zoom meeting following the net at 20:30; see for details.
(Thanks to PVARC and Paul, WD6EBY)

2021 Spring/Fall BBQ Picnic & Swap

2021's Spring BBQ was held on June 5th at the Dudley House, where it was combined with a Field Day preparation activity. As an outdoor activity with hand sanitizers and masks available, many members and guests attended and had a great time!

 Click to see photos of June's activity

Our Fall BBQ planning committee, lead by Dana Wentling KG6WXE, will be announcing the date and time of the picnic.  


Our Spring and Fall 2020 BBQ Picnic and Swap was canceled due to the statewide isolation requirements.

Our 2019 Fall BBQ-picnic & Swap was held on Saturday, September 14 from 10am to 4 pm at the Dudley House, 197 N Ashwood Ave, Ventura CA 93003.

 Click to see photos of 2019's September picnic

Many thanks to Mark KI6YLH for bringing and cooking the hot dogs/chili dogs and teriyaki chicken and to Burt KA6BJA for helping to cook. Richard WB6AEW did an excellent job managing the venue, Phil WA6BUZ and John W6JPG provided secretarial and financial services, respectively, and Bob KJ6AAE supported potential members and provided First Aid and Safety support. Denney N6HV and Clem KM6OKZ photographed the fun and camaraderie enjoyed by all. Many members and guests brought potluck and enjoyed the shade and facilities of the Dudley House.

 Our 2019 Spring BBQ-picnic & Swap was held on Saturday May 4 from 10 AM to 4 PM at The Dudley House,  197 N Ashwood Ave, Ventura, CA 93003.
  Click to see photos of 2019's May picnic

DecemberFest Dinner Meeting

Due to Ventura County Health Department restrictions, we didn't hold our annual dinner meeting on Friday December 11th, 2020. Instead, we had a club meeting on the WD6EBY Repeater of Oxnard on 145.200 MHz (-)(PL 127.3). We also had a Zoom meeting following the net meeting at 20:30; see for details.

The 2019 DecemberFest Dinner Party held at La Dolce Vita Ristorante was a Great Success

Thirty-five Members and their Guests Enjoyed the Holiday Spirit in this Festive Setting.


 Click to see photos of 2019's party

 DecemberFest 2018

Thirty-two of us got together to celebrate DecemberFest at Carrow's Ventura,  2401 Harbor Blvd Ventura, 93001, SW corner of Seaward and Harbor on Friday 12/14/2018. It was very festive.  
  Click to see photos of 2018's party

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For MESH Network topics, please visit the PVARC, Pleasant Valley ARC site and click on MESH Network to see photos and all the work that Paul Strauss WD6EBY and Orv Beach W6BI have put into this microwave technology that takes Ham Radio into the high speed digital arena!

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