The NorCal 40A by K6LS

Number 45

Built in early 1995

Kit produced by the Northern California QRP Club

Rig designed by Wayne Burdick, N6KR

40 meter cw superhet transceiver

Mods I have made to my 40A:

1.  Replaced regular main 10k tuning pot with a 10 turn variety. (better tuning resolution)

2.  LED frequency display. (counter and driver for display designed by Jim Pepper, W6QIF)

3.  Variable bandwidth filter.

4.  Tick 1 Keyer (Embedded Research)


1. Front view

2. Back view

3. Inside view


Earned the QRP ARCI 1000-Mile-Per-Watt award (No.1524) Running 2 watts in to a sloping
inverted vee. QSO with W1CW (in Florida) from my condo in Kona, Hawaii (4,634 Miles).

Worked DX : JA, VK, CO, XE, ZL, UA, 3D2, R1FJ, VE, KL7 and more.

In Improved version is available commercially from: Wilderness Radio

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