K5LXP's Repeater Information Page

I own and operate two repeaters in the Albuquerque area on the coordinated repeater pairs of 147.920/147.320 and 448.650/443.650 (input/output). These repeaters each have two remote bases, which allow me to link to other VHF and UHF repeaters in the area to allow greater coverage or link simplex channels into the repeater. The system diagram below shows how it it configured most of the time.

The 2M K5LXP Repeater is now PL'd.
The Tone is 1Z, 100Hz.

The grunge just got to be too much, requiring me to shut the repeater down way too often. Sometimes you can hear the grunge under weak signals but it sure cuts down on the endless keying up and howling.

Also, for some reason my frequency coordination was listed as "private", when it shouldn't have been. So now, after nearly 10 years of continuous operation the 2M, and newer 440 machine will be listed in the ARRL repeater directory.

By linking to other repeaters that also have links or remote bases, frequency and geographical coverage is amplified greatly. It also poses an interference problem if not monitored closely and used carefully, but so far the system has worked out very well. Being in a more sparsely populated region of the U.S. plays a big factor in the setup of this system, you probably couldn't get away with this in an urban area where frequency congestion is a big issue.

The following links take you to more detailed information about the equipment I have built and use: