The New 147.320 Machine

With the 440 repeater done and the 2M repeater as good as it's ever been, thoughts now turn to system improvements. I happened upon a VHF Motorola MSR2000, which is capable of ham-band operation without modification. I also came upon a set of real-live DB duplexers for 144MHz. So, the makings of a new 2M repeater are in place. The current Micor radio is certainly okay, but the control and interface circuitry is lacking. The plan is to dissect the RF deck from the MSR2000 backplane, integrate a dual-controller system like the 440 repeater has, add the existing 10M and 440 remote bases, and install new duplexers. The old ones are notch only, perhaps new ones will improve the occasional interference problem.

Motorola MSR2000
VHF 100W Base/Repeater Station
DB Products Duplexers
140-150MHz Pass/Notch Duplexers

MSR TX/RX Boards
These are based on Mitrek technology.
Mitrek Channel Elements
Got the xtals from ICM, and are ready to plug in.

Will slice off the RF
section, chuck the rest.
MSR Final PA
This is a hurtin' unit,
will try to salvage.

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