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Winter Field Day
                                                                          35th Annual Hamfest 31 August 2019

The Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated club.


We have regular club meetings on the third Sunday of each month at The New La Luz Volunteer Fire department located at 51 JJ Henry in La Luz, NM at 3pm. To contact please E-mail:  [email protected]


The Wednesday Infomation and Swap Net is in Full swing.
Please join us Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm on any of the linked repeaters:
146.800 PL 100, 147.300 PL 100 or (224.040 PL 100 link is down at this time) 147.080 PL 123
If you are out of town try echolink and connect to W5TWY/R

Builders Group on Wednesday night at 6:30PM contact Paul KC5RGQ

The club provided communications assistance at the Tarantula 100 motorcycle race
It was a blast on two wheels!
Information on the 35th Annual 2019 Hamfest is posted!

 Our members are from Alamogordo, Holloman Air Force Base and the Otero County area.

The club participates with local civic groups to assist whenever communications are required for special events. At times when the local County and city goverments need any communications assistance.
 Each year the AARC sponsors the Alamogordo Ham Fest which has become a very popular and well attended gathering for hams from all over New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, other states and from Mexico. Classes and Test Sessions are done thourgh out the year. 



MARCH 2019 CLASS AND TEST SESSION                                                                        Tower Trailer, Beam 10m 15m 20m and 6m 40m Horse                                                                                                                                                                                              Fence and Mobile unit (KE5EGP) Las Luz Fire Dept. 


Lauren Passed here Tech Test on July 17, 2016 and became our youngest active ham in the club at the ripe old age of 12..
Welcome Lauren  Lauren's new call  KG5OQZ  July 28,2016   Tech and General class students



Interested in Ham Radio?

From the Amateur Radio Relay League web page:

"Here's your invitation to a friendly, high-tech hobby that's got something fun for everyone! You can become an Amateur Radio operator--no matter what age, gender or physical ability. People from all walks of life pass their entry-level exam and earn their Amateur (ham) Radio license. They all share the diverse world of activities you can explore with ham radio."

Amateur radio, also known as "ham radio", is a hobby relating to two-way radio communications. It is a hobby that is enjoyed by many people around the world from all walks of life.

Whether you are interested in remote control models, an occasional chat with an astronaut in orbiting space, amateur television transmissions, bouncing signals off the moon back to another place on earth, a Friday night chat with friends and neighbors, or making contacts with other stations in faraway places, the hobby of amateur radio has something to offer everyone.

Amateur radio is a wide and diverse hobby and amateur radio enthusiasts, affectionately called "hams", can enjoy a variety of activities. Fox hunts (transmitter hunts), balloon launches, contests, making new friends through amateur radio, digital and satellite communications, building equipment or antennas, or even sending and receiving old fashioned Morse code, these are just a few of the many different aspects of the hobby. Each "ham" seems to develop their own favorite mode of communication.

Read more about the exciting hobby of ham radio by clicking on this link: ARRL Invitation to Ham Radio

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