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Welcome to the rigs page. These were some of the relevant rigs up for grabs during the time I was into QRP (1998-1999). Things have changed considerably since then, but these rigs are still very cool to check out and look at. I am going to keep this page up as long as possible.

In case you don't know, QRP stands for "low power" or radio transmitters which use under 5 Watts. It is challenging and rewarding to make contacts with low power. While others may blast away with 50 or 100 watts, we QRP'ers generally use 5 watts or less.

Again, thanks for stopping by my QRP site. I appreciate the visit, good luck, and 72/73 to you.

elecraft k2

norcal 20

norcal 40a

wilderness sierra

wilderness sst

s&s ark series

mfj cw

mfj ssb

oak hills ohr500

oak hills ohr100a

lake dtr series

index labs qrp+

small wonder sw40+


tuna tin 2

emtech nw8020

ten-tec 6m

jersey fireball 40b

kanga oner

knightlites knightsmite


norcal 38 special

dwm peanut whistle

44 magnum

lectrokit spider jr.

lectrokit spider

lectrokit spider sr.

lectrokit atl-10 tuner

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