Lake Placid, Florida

Welcome to K4LQ's small bit of "Cyberspace!"

Hi - my name is Fred Perkins  I've been  licensed since 1950 and have held a number of calls, including:


My primary ham radio interests are CW, Contesting and DXing.  I look forward to meeting you on the bands.


I was born in 1934, and have enjoyed  ham radio a great deal since first being licensed in 1950. .  A secondary hobby has been working with Newsletters. I've been able to combine that interest with ham radio by serving as newsletter editor for the Florida Contest Group (FCG).  I also keep busy  as Secretary/Treasurer for FCG.  If you're interested in contesting, and live in Florida, the Florida Contest Group is where the action is.  You can reach their homepage by clicking on the site title in the list below.

I have a  degree in Management, am a Korean War era vet, and have been  retired since 1997 from Lockheed Martin.  I spent 31 years in the electronic services end of the  government contracting business with RCA, GE, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin. The Government Service Divisions of these companies were bought, sold and merged, meanwhile I stayed in place, moving to the next one as required.  My assignments with the Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA  afforded me an opportunity to work and live in nine countries and a half dozen states.  During breaks in the contracting business, I spent some time with the Federal Communications Commission, managed a hotel in the Turks & Caicos Islands, a Radio Shack franchise, a ham radio store, and worked as comptroller for a restaurant chain.  I met and married Sheila in Durban, South Africa in 1962, while assigned there to manage the tracking ship USAF Coastal Sentry as part of  Project Mercury's  Manned Spaceflight Program. 


                   Here is a shot of my station:                        


It includes an ICOM 756 PROII  Tranceiver. an Ameritron AL-1200 Amplifier and an MFJ Versatuner 5 Tuner

                                                       Below are pictures of some of my antennas                                                                      

<>  3 Element SteppIR  @ 60 Ft                                                    2 Element Cushcraft 40 Meter Yagi @ 60 Ft
<>  Other antennas include a Cushcraft 6 Element 6 Meter Boomer on a 34 Ft. Boom,
<>  an  80 Meter  1/4 Wave Vertical and a number of wire antennas for 160 Meters.


Would you like to see the other places I've operated from?  Click on K4LQ Ham History in Pictures


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I can always be reached at  [email protected]