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Just Plain 'Ol Great Sites

Vaughn's(WA3TMS) SSTV Homepage -a MUST see, even if you're not into SSTV. Let the page load. It's worth it. Vaughn's graphics are terrific.

Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesis -if you can type it, this speech synthesizer will say it.

Ham Shack Photo Gallery -Tom, K8CX, has a lot of GREAT ham photos at his site.

Jehosophat-Resources For Amateur Radio Operators -TONS of ACTIVE amateur radio links here.

The Elmer Hamlet -one of the better sites on the web. Ed and Bob have done a nice job.

KG0ZZ's Site(free amateur radio clip art)

Software Downloads

(if you like it, please support the author and buy it)

Ham Distribution Net -tons of amateur radio software

Hyperlog Logging Program -I've been using Hyperlog since 1994 and love it

Log-EQF -Another goodie. Tom really supports his software.

WJ2O Master QSO Logging Program -Dave has an excellent logger here.

Log Windows

XPWare -For digital enthusiasts: RTTY, Amtor, Pactor, GTor, CW

W95SSTV -For the slow-scanner



TR Log



Nova for Windows

Super-Duper by EI5DI

HFx Propagation Software (Demo Download)

Quickyagi By WA7RAI -For you yagi designers out there; from the inventor of the RAIBEAM

Software Listing From N1RCT's Site-lots of stuff here

Licensing and Upgrading

Top Ten Reasons Not To Upgrade -From the SHARCs (South Hills Amateur Radio Club)
-a classic already, since the requirements have been relaxed.

AA9PW Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page

How To Get Started In Amateur Radio

Where Do I Start?

Jack's(WB8FSV)Radio Fundamentals Home Page

Ham University

Ham Exam: Amateur Radio Practice Exams

WA4PGM's Beginner's Guide To Ham Radio

Antenna Stuff

Restrictive Antenna Covenants Home Page -Neighbor problems? Look here.

Memorandum Opinion and Order in PRB-1 -and here.

More PRB-1 -AND here.

antenneX Magazine -I'm too cheap to subscribe, but it looks excellent.

Max-Gain Systems(quads and fiberglass) -excellent source for parts for the Quad enthusiast.

Cubex Quad Antennas

Force 12 Antennas

Hy-Gain Antennas, Towers, and Rotators

Cushcraft Antennas

Lightning Bolt Antennas

Gem Quads

M2 Antenna Systems

Raibeam Antennas International

Sommer Antennas

Top Ten Devices, Inc.

R. Myers Communications-Gladiator Verticals

Bencher, Inc.-Butternut Antennas

WX0B Stack Match

Foresight Products-Duckbill & Manta Ray Earth Anchors

AnchorGuard Corrosion Control System

Aluma Tower Company, Inc.

IIX Equipment, Ltd.

Pirod, Inc.-Towers

Rohn Towers

Cecil Moore's 2-element 75 Meter Phased Vertical Wire Beam

Cecil Moore's 2-element 40 Meter Vertical Wire Beam

How To Become An Antenna Guru -From Dan's Corner of the Web

Digital Radio(CW,RTTY,Packet,Amtor,Pactor,GTor)

KO6YQ's Introduction to Morse Code

Super Morse Home Page

FISTS (The International Morse Preservation Society)

Morsum Magnificat -The Morse Magazine

No-Code International -the other side; for you weenies out there

NB6Z's "About Digital Ham Radio"

Packet Radio Information from Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ

W2XO Home Page

Blaster TeLetype(BTL) by G0VTQ -use your computer as a RTTY terminal

DXing and Contesting

"What is DXing" from N7RK

Visit DXZone-Click here

AC6V Ham Radio Dx Reference Guide

KA9FOX Web Site

NG3K Amateur Radio Contest/DX Page

K2CD On The Web

K3SA's Contest Site

National Contest Journal

Contesting Online Home Page

OPDX Bulletin-Internet Edition

ARRL DX Bulletins

425 DX News

Ham's Personal Pages

KJ4UY-Larry Wolf's Web Site

WB3KJG-Larry Polesnak's 62 Oldsmobile Starfire Page

N3UE-Ed Wolf's N.A. 40+ Touring Riders Page

NI3I-Mike McKerahan's Home Page

VK3NDS Amateur Radio Web Site

KB3KP-Kenny Hilf's Home Page

N0WHN-Nelson Schroeder's Web Site

The AA9AI Hamshack

Jamie's Home Page

Harry's Homebrew Homepage

N3TXH's Amateur Radio Elmer Page

KB3BCH-Dave's Web Page

Swap and Shop

LincMad's Telephone Area Code Locator-You might need this for the links below

KO6OY's Swapage

BARC Swap Shop

HamRad Trader

Greater Pittsburgh VHF Society Swap and Shop

K1DWU's Ham Trading Post

The Virtual Hamfest

QTH.COM Ham Radio Classifieds

SHARC Swap & Shop


Pittsburgh Area Frequencies

PoliceScanner.com-Listen to live police scanners in New York, L.A.,Dallas,and Plano

Cordless Telephone Frequencies from Jim Fordyce

Fast Food Frequencies -Use these to order a burger and fries during Field Day

More Fast Food Restaurant Frequencies

Airphone Frequencies and City Allocations -combine this with the last 2 links to get that burger at 30,000 feet

General Aviation Frequencies

Info about Pittsburgh International Airport

Frank's(K3FSS) Radio Page

Radio Mods

Kenwood mods

Kenwood parts

Icom mods

Yaesu mods

RealAudio Stuff

-you'll need this for any of the following links

RealAudio: ARRL Audio News

RealAudio: Amateur Radio Newsline

RealAudio: WWV and the Sun

RealAudio: Mastering the HF bands

RealAudio: The Code vs No Code Debate

RealAudio: Successful Contesting

RealAudio: Is there life after the HT?

RealAudio: Ham Radio & More, hosted by Len Winkler, KB7LPW

RealAudio: Packet radio for the beginner

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