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The Ham Formerly Known as W2CRR, WA2CRR and WN2CRR

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Where is K2AS?

Latitude 43.2085 Deg. North

Longitude 77.2998 Deg. West



First licensed as WN2CRR in 1971. Upgraded to General Class and WA2CRR in 1972. Upgraded to Advanced Class in 1975. Obtained W2CRR call in Aug. 1997 as part of the vanity callsign program. Then, without haven't previously planning on it at this time, upgraded to Extra Class in Nov. 1997. Member of ARRL, RARA, and Xerox Amateur Radio Club, W2XRX. Intermittently, member of Rochester VHF Group.


Recent Activity

Apr. 24, 2011 - Thought I might update this page finally. Mostly just deleting old info right now. Will start to update shortly.



K2AS 12/99




On HF I work all bands, both CW and SSB. On SSB I mostly chase DX, but not too seriously. Work 2m/440FM mobile from my truck using the Kenwood TM-733. Bought Yaesu FT-920 June 1997. First new HF rig since TS-520 in 1975.

Here is my newest radio. Yaesu's FT-920

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