Everything in the Morrow/Moradco radio product lines was masterfully designed and constructed.


Ray Morrow took a great deal of pride in the quality of the Amateur Radio products that bore his name.

The Morrow line was designed for mobile AM/CW service, though accessories were available for base operation.

The Morrow line also included gear for SWLs

I owe a great big thanks to Bill Durspek W�BVR for scanning and sending along most of the
Morrow pictures that appear on these pages. Thanks also to Joe Sloss K7MKS for turning me on to
these wonderful rigs, for dealing very fairly with me as I acquired mine from him, and for assisting with
learning the key elements of their full restoration. Additional thanks to Ray Klein WB8VDS whose
craftsmanship is making the pair at least as good as new, Ray LaRue, W4BYG, Al Bernard NI4Q, and
others here in Florida who have encouraged me in this project and invited me to a Morrow circle of
friends on the air once mine arrives! Thanks Guys! DavidC K1YP

PLEASE NOTE: There are more pictures, there is more of the history, and there are more
resources such as manuals and schematics yet to be posted ... soon!


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