40 Meter Glowbug

and Power Supply


  This is 40 Meter, 3 Tube Qrp Transceiver. It has a Regenerative receiver that uses a 3A4, and a two tube transmitter using two, 3S4's for approximately 2 watts output.
  This is an interior Shot, showing the receiver section on the right and the transmitter on the left. Note the two, "Scramble Wound" coils on the transmitter, and the receiver coil wound on a 3/4" piece of PVC pipe. I was lucky to find the Variable capacitor for the receiver with a long shaft, which allowed mounting the capacitor back from the front panel, minimizing hand capacitance effects which can be troublesome with regenerative receivers.
  This is the Power Supply for the Rig. It supplies filament voltage up to 7V, Plate Voltage up to 135V, and a Bias Voltage up to -20V. It is a solid state supply, as purchased from Antique Electronic Supply, although the Cabinet and meters are custom.. To see a pictorial instruction on how to make your own custom meters, click here.
  An Interior shot of the Power Supply. The "A" Supply is towards the Bottom, The "B" Supply is mounted along the front of the chassis, and The "C" Supply is near the top rear of the chassis.
  Addendum 4/10/99. Just completed the Rechargeable Battery Power Suppy. For info, click here.
  Addendum 2; I have received a number of inquiries as to schematics for the rig. The rig is a combination of two separate glowbug articles. The Receiver was presented by Dave Ingram K4TWJ, in the September Issue of "CQ", 1995. According to Dave, it first appeared in "Boys Life" and the ARRL publication, "How to become a Radio Amateur" in the early to mid50's. Dave also presented a one tube 1S4 transmitter in the same article. I chose however to adapt the transmitter from the "Shack in a Wallet" article presented in the October 1951 issue of "CQ", also available on "Bry's Ham Files". I have uploaded the schematics for the receiver here and for the transmitter here and here.. GlowBug rigs are a blast to build and use. I encourage you to give it a try. For Links, try; GlowBugs.