The Ashwaubenon (High School) Tech Club

[147.075 MHz - N9DKH]

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As mentioned on the main page, our distinction has been a younger breed of hams, banding together, keeping each other active in some form.  Piecing all the history on how it all came to be isn't easy.  So here is a breakdown of who obtained their license when, and when they attended school.  (I hope people don't mind me leaking this bit of information about them.  The bit I've posted thus far as helped create the "pieces" from people who stumble into this page.)  Keeping track of the generations and the history is tricky, but is interesting.  

It's difficult to identify youth because as of April 1999, the FCC stopped including date of birth information in their records.  Most of the founding members have little contact with the school to be able to keep informed of any hams since then. 

Ashwaubenon High School

Callsign Born Licensed Years Attended

WA9ZCO ex WN9ZCO 1952 Dec 1968 1966-1970
K0PBX ex WN9BBD 1952 Dec 1968 1966-1970
WB9DLM ex WN9DLM 1953 July 1969 1968-1972
KB9AMM 1960 Apr 1988 1975-1980
KB9LRG 1964 Mar 1996 1978-1982
KB9BNA 1973 Feb 1989 1988-1992
KB9WWV ex N9JPG 1971 May 1990 1986-1990
N9NOK 1975 Dec 1991 1990-1994
N9PAV 1975 Apr 1992 1990-1994 Original AHSTC members 1992-1999
N9PAW 1975 Dec 1992 1990-1994
N9VOM 1975 Jan 1994 1989-1993

N9SVK 1976 Mar 1992 1990-1994
N9XOD 1975 June 1994 1989-1993
N9PAY 1976 Apr 1992 1990-1994
N9ZRW 1977 Jan 1995 1992-1996
KB9PRS 1977 Mar 1997 1991-1995
N9YOB 1979 Sep 1994 1993-1997
N9YWO 1983 Oct 1994 1997-2001
KC9OIN 1984 Sep 2008 1999-2003
KC9QWI 1991 Nov 2009 2007-2010
KC9RSE 1986 Mar 2010 2001-2004

In addition to the sheer number of students that became hams from Ashwaubenon high school, there are two know teachers that also held a license.  Mr. Ken Rudie, N9ZRU (Jan 95-05) a tech ed teacher who was the AHSTC advisor from 1993 till he retired in 1999.  Also Mr. John Fischer, N9XOI, (June 94-04)(crazy john) a science teacher.

Also as mentioned, another unique thing about the AHSTC, was that the school allowed a "users group."  This group was made up of other students from other local schools, and it also included other instrumental and sometimes older-elmering members.   All members, AHS students and abroad met together at the high school, and had the same voting, membership, and repeater access privileges, and worked on projects together.


Quick Member Overview  
First AHS hams

Original AHSTC members

AHSTC youth users group members

Other  instrumental users (youth at heart)

Today's youth ATC users

Marc, WA9ZCO ex WN9ZCO Corey, KB9BNA Tyler Churchill, KB9KPY Steve, KB9AGK "ack" Kevin, KB9SNE
Michael, K0PBX ex WN9BBD Kevin, AB9RNex N9JPG & KB9WWV Steve, KB9MWR Andy, KB9ALN "old man/ANSAR" Nick, KB9UAE
Jerry, WB9DLM ex WN9DLM Ryan, N9NOK "lard" Chis, KB9OWE Dick, KB9KEM "Dr. Schmeg" Tony, KC9ETR
Scott, KB9AMM "batman/the elf" Chad, N9PAY "chatterbox/yuba" Joe, N9UPU Jill, KB9PZF Bob, KB8ZXE
Ken, KB9LRG Jason, N9PAV Ryan, N9ZUR Mike, KB9QAL Scott, KC9OIN
Chris, N9PAW "guy/pawster"

Steve, KE9LZ Kristin, KC9QWI
Dave, N9SVK Mark, KE9PQ Jeremy, KC9RSE
Scott, N9VOM Stu, N9NCQ
Mr. John Fischer N9XOI "crazy john" the science teacher Paul, N9QLO
Kristy, N9YOB "giggles" Dana, N9UGM
Mr. Ken Rudie, N9ZRU tech ed teacher Sandy, N9RDC silent key
Nick, N9YWO Lisa, N9VJL
Peter Peterson, N9ZRW John, W0LFE
Craig, KB9PRS Jake, W9BLI
Will Sentowski, N9XOD Pat, WF9H ex KE9LV

Unfortunately I don't have records of who ever attended a meeting, or checked into the Green Bay area youth net.  So anyone outside of AHS, I can only go by memory.   So while the hams listed below may or may not have had much to do with our club, they were/are part of the unique younger ham radio scene.  Please let me know if I missed someone.

Looking at other area schools..

Preble High School

West High School

Callsign Born Licensed Years Attended Callsign Born Licensed Years Attended
N9UPU 1975 Mar 1984 1990-1994 KB9HJP (Brian) 1978 Dec 1991 1992-1996
KB9MWR 1979 Mar 1996 1993-1997 N9ZHY (Jim) 1977 Dec 1994 1991-1995
KB9KPY 1981 Mar 1996 1994-1999 W9JES ex N9ZIS 1976 Dec 1994 1990-1994
K0RPL ex N9ZDA 1982 Jan 1994 1995-1999 N9ZIA 1976 Dec 1994 1990-1994
KC9ETR 1982 Sep 2003 1996-2000 KB9OWE 1976 Nov 1996 1990-1994
KC9HAL 1984 Jan 2005 1999-2003 KB9RQK 1988? Apr 1999 2002-2006
Other Green Bay Youth
Callsign Born Licensed Years Attended School
KB9HXH (Brian) 1981 Jul 2002 1995-1999 Southwest HS
KB9QAK 1983 Apr 1997 1997-2001 Southwest HS
KC9DNL 1989 Jan 2005 2003-2007 Southwest HS
KB9VIW (Jennifer) 1976 Oct 1999 1990-1994 East HS
KB9IIY (Mike) 1980 May 1993 1994-1998 Bayport HS
N9ZOY (Joe) 1982 Dec 1994 1996-2000 Bayport HS
KB9OVZ (Mike) 1984 Nov 1996 1998-2002 De Pere HS
KB9QMK 1983 Feb 1999 1997-2001 De Pere HS
KB9VLR 1982 May 2000 1996-2000 W. De Pere HS
N9ZUR 1981 Jan 1995 1995-1999 NEW Lutheran

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