Radio Links

Amateur Radio Governing Bodies and Associations.

FCC - Federal Communications Commission. USA
RA - Radio Communications Agency. (UK)
Ofcom - Office of Communications. (UK)
ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio(USA)
RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain.
IATU - International Amateur Radio Union.
ITU - International Telecommunication Union.
NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board - Reference Levels for UK Amateur Radio Bands

Other Ham Links.

QRZ - Check who's calling you, Plus lots of Info for the radio enthusiast. Lots of Info, Call Database, Rig Reviews. Connecting Hams Around the world.
The DX Zone Resource.
CQDX chat, Log search, Propagation
ARRL Connecticut Section Web Page
New England Repeater Directory.
CT Clubs with Web Pages
Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Emergency Radio.
AC6V-Guide to Ham Radio Frequencies and General Frequency Listening.
Canadian and US, 6 meter Info.
G7KPF UK Amateur Radio Quick Links
Information about EchoLink Gateways & Repeaters in Ireland.
G4NJH - Listen to the GB2RS news bulletins from the RSGB in the MP3 format.
RSGB Repeater Management (UK)
Data Communications work of the RSGB Emerging Technologies Co-ordination Committee ("ETCC").
Digital Amateur POCSAG Paging
The Amateur Radio Link
VE5KC's Canadian Amateur Radio

Various Software for Radio.

Ham Radio Deluxe - Computer Control of Radios & Much More.
JE3HHT - Makoto Mori, MMSSTV - SSTV freeware software for Windows. An excellent SSTV program that requires only a computer with sound card!
JE3HHT - Makoto Mori MMTTY Amateur Radio Freeware(RTTY, SSTV, PSK and more - Win95/98/NT/2000/XP and sound card.
Hamscope - Digital Modes RX/TX Program.
Digipan - A Freeware Program for PSK31 and PSK63
Bearnet Homepage - home of POCSAG (Post Office Code Standards Advisory Group)software.
JVCOMM32 - The multi-purpose FAX, RTTY / SYNOP / NAVTEX and SSTV program for Windows
Echolink - Internet Ham Radio Comms.
Pervisell's amateur radio products
Pager Programming and other Software, Daviscomms LTD.
POC32 Pocsag program for Windows, decodes pagers using sound card (402k)
PDW 110 Pocsag program for Windows, decodes pagers using sound card (Also does Flex, ACARS, MOBITEX & ERMES) (366k)
Multimon Pocsag program for Linux, decodes pagers using sound card (Also handles AX.25, DTMF and ZVEI) (49k) Software for programming Radio Shack Pro Series Radio Scanners.
Scancat - Computer Aided Technologies, Software for programming Radio Scanners.
ARC - Scanner Master,Software for programming Radio Scanners.
MixW ver. 2 - PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, MFSK, MT63 Olivia Hellschreiber SSTV and other modes, Log, DXCluster, Rotor, CAT in a single program.
SSTV FAX WX Software - A very complete ham radio software collection for SSTV, FAX, and WX.
PCALE by Charles Brain G4GUO.
DXLab a Suite of Radio Software.
DXKeeper is free, comprehensive amateur logging software part of DXLab Suite(logbook).
SpotCollector also part of DXLab Suite.
wxLogbook: Daves Site (W1HKJ).
Digitrx Digital Slowscan Software.
EZSSTV - Freeware SSTV program by WB2OSZ, Automatic Calibration, Automatic Fine Tuning, Widest Variety of File Types

Chromapix - SSTV Workstation for Windows 95/98/NT by siliconpixels
MScan - Decoding of weather FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY and SSTV. Supports sound card, PTC-II etc. High quality, various filter settings
Fldigi - Digital modem program for Linux / Free-BSD / XP / W2K / Vista, Software By W1HKJ & Associates.

EasyPal - Digital SSTV software.

My Radio Transmission and Monitoring Station.
Click here for details

Music for the Ham

The Ham Band Web Site-Andrew G3WZZ, (better known as OZ5E), and Lissa.
Watch the Hamband 1st Video on Youtube.

VHF-UHF Radio Scanner and HF Frequency Information.

Radio Reference
Radio Reference US Frequency Database
FCC Universal Licensing System, License & Frequency Search.
New England Repeater Directory.
Short wave - HF monitoring Frequencies.
Shortwave Info.

US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations.
AC6V Frequency Listings.
CityFreq US Frequency Lists.

Long Island Area Scanning Resources Created by Jim Fordyce.
Scan New England.

Police, Fire and Dispatching Resources and Links.

Police, Fire and Dispatching Resources

Radio Paging

Paging Info

Amateur Radio and Police Scanner Stores

Ham Radio Outlet.
Lentini Communications, Inc.
Hamtronics - Commercial and Amateur VHF & UHF Radio Equipment.
Lowe Electronics Limited.
Scanner master - Police Scanner Sales and Programming.
RadioShack - Police Scanner Sales and Programming.
ZipScanners - Police Scanners and More.

Amateur Radio Manufactures

ICOM America.

Ham Radio Clubs

CT Clubs with Web Pages.
Northville Amateur Radio Association Inc.

Wythall West Midlands UK.
The OZ5E Club. The station is located in central Denmark by Jan OZ1ADL, Andrew OZ1XJ.
Southern Berkshire Amateur Radio Club,Sharon, CT
GB3AM Repeater Club
South Birmingham Radio Society,Hampstead House,West Heath,Birmingham,West Midlands

Links with my Family

The Tedds Family Name.
The Battle of Ypres, World War I, My Grandfather, Leonard Arthur Tedds, fought and was KIA.
The Battle of Arnhem "A Bridge Too Far" World War II, My Father, Frederick Arthur Tedds, fought here and was taken POW.
Stalag XIIA, where my father was held a POW.
Operation Market Garden.
The Parachute Regiment, Pegasus Archive. The British Airborne Forces 1940 - 1945.
Pegasus Archive, The Battle of Arnhem Archive.
The National Archives Database, Access to Archival Databases.

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