Rose garden Project

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Mr. Takada, JA1AMH, is one of the pioneers of Japanese QRP movement.. He designed a lot of transceivers. The famous one is MX series. These are available from MIZUHO as ready-made QRP.

"Pico", the nickname of MX series are popular in Japan. On the other hand QP-kit series are also provided from MIZUHO

QP series are transmitter kits designed by Takada in 1977.
They are designed with the following concept.

  1. Kits can be made easily.
  2. By the construction of the transmitter, builder learn the function of each circuit.
  3. Everybody(from beginner to the expert) can enjoy to assemble kits.

    The price $25.(3000yen) had not been changed this 20 years.

Hundreds of QRPers assembled(enjoyed) them. With the single crystal in the kit
many QRP amateur met the frequency and found interesting in QRP world.
After once assemble the kit, They can modify kits based on thier understanding.
Who favorite move around in the band can put VFO on it, Who wish to try in other band
can do it with slight modifications.
Of course you can integrate the transmitter to a transceiver with
your original receiver section.

We introduce you the detail of QP-series never you read in English.
We even introduce JA-QRPer's QP modifications. Please enjoy our projects.

QP transmitter kit construction manual
qp721aman.pdf (QP-7,21 manual 103KB PDF file)

Transceiver based QP-7 with Full brake-in circuit by JG1EAD.
QSK TRX.htm(Full brake-in transceiver.)

Modification to 4630kHz