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    Red Hat Linux

Current Version: v.3

Mailing List: 

[email protected]
  (List info)
SPARC specific information

Red Hat Linux no longer supports SPARC with its current releases. However there is an effort to port the current Red Hat release to the SPARC called the Aurora SPARC Project

       Suse Linux

Current Version: 9.0

Mailing List: [email protected] (List info)
UltraSPARC specific information

     FreeBSD Linux             

Current Version: 5.2

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system for x86 compatible, DEC Alpha, IA-64, PC-98 and UltraSPARC architectures. It is derived from BSD UNIX, the version of UNIX developed at the University of California, Berkeley.

     Debian GNU/Linux

Current Version: 3.0r2

Mailing List: [email protected] (Listinfo)

SPARC specific information

   Slackware Linux

Current Version: 9.1                

SPARC specific information

Slackware no longer supports SPARC in its current releases. However there is a unofficial version of Slackware for SPARC called SPLACK

Linux Mandrake

Current Version: 9.2 Beta 2

UltraSPARC specific information

  Caldera OpenLinux

Current Version: 2.2

Mailing List:
[email protected]
List info)

SPARC specific information

        TurboLinux Desktop

Current Version: 10

Trustix Secure Linux 2.0

              Current Version: 2.0


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