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Now the situation is the following:
1) vertical in my garden
2) EH on my roof (6 mt from ground, just two from my roof)
3) my friend Riccardo (IK7FMO) 50Km far to me with a 40 mt long sloper.
These are results during same QSO (2-3 June):

Call Rst EH Rst Vert.
I2BBJ 2-3 5
IK7FMO 5 8
IZ3BGJ on the noise 3

all QSO on 160 SSB RX (transmiting there were the same differences) using a 20 dB attenuator;

Then 1.830 Mhz CW:


Rst EH Rst Vert.
IK6FWJ 579 599

and finally other qso with local station (always 2 S point less than the vertical)

Call Rst EH antenna in use
I7GLO 59 Vert Butt. 40-80-160 mt
IK7FMO 59+ Slooper
IK7TAG 59++ Windom for 80mt (tuned in 160)


Other qso on 07/06/2002 at 1.845 ssb (TX)

Call Rst EH Rst Vert.
IK7FMO 9 9+10
SV8CS 9 9+10 / 9+15


Receiving there were same differences:

Call Rst EH Rst Vert.
IK7FMO 9 9+10
SV8CS 9+15 9+25
IK7JWY 3 5

Other Qso on 08/06/2001

Call Rst EH Rst Vert.
IK7YTT 3 5
IK7WPG 3 5
IZ7ANL 1 5


I made other QSO and test, but always the EH antenna lose 10 dB versus my short vertical;
I've tested the EH antenna  both on my roof both on my garden (8 mt high) but there were same results; the last thing to do was to put the EH higher on the roof;
so i built a bracket as in picture.

Now my EH is on the roof at 10 mt from the ground.


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73 de iz7ath, Talino Tribuzio