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Eprom Programmer for 27Cxx Family
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and a short tutorial about Eprom


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Time ago a friend gave me an old TNC2 clone (RF modem) with a Packet Node Eprom on board;
Also having a friend (TNX Pino, I7YTD) who can program 27Cxx eproms, I started researching informations about eprom on the web for building an eprom programmer (it was Christmas time so a lot of free time);
After building two different programmers found on the web with negative results (but I've understand later it was a bad eprom), I decided to project and build a new one, writing also a WIN9x based software in Visual Basic; here are results:
a programmer for Eproms (27C16 - 27C32 - 27C128 - 27C256 - 27C512 - 27C1001 - 27C2001 - 27C4001 ecc.) wich is cheap, easy-to-build and easy to adapt for other devices.

But before building the programmer let's learn something more about Eproms.

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73 de iz7ath, Talino Tribuzio