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The project was on an old Handbook and it's easy to build and efficient;

electric diagram of my dipper

It's a Colpitts oscillator with a variable capacitor and changeable coils; mosfet RCA 40673 (I used a common BF960 or similar) oscillates on a frequency determined by L1 and C4; oscillation is always stable; R2 sets the gain of Q1 and you need to use it just sometime; RF signal generated by Q1 is rectified by D1 and amplified by Q2, a common 2N2222A (you can use any NPN transistor); R7 sets the amplification of Q2 (the meter gain); it's possible to take the RF signal from C8 and send it to an external frequency-meter (or to use dipper as signal generator). S2 switch dip or wave meter. There is only a small 9 V battery.

frontal view of my dipper

I must say you that I built my dipper on 15 August, when all shop were closed; I needed it to tune my new quad antenna quickly because 19 August I'll go away in army...; so you can see that I built it using disparate materiales: the box was built using the same stuff of printed board, the meter cames from an Hi-Fi ecc.: but it works and costs as ...a coffee!

component position




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73 de iz7ath, Talino