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La foto della QSL rappresenta una vista della spiaggia della Cala Maestra con le sue acque cristalline. 

Montecristo Island

15-21 July 2004
(operation only in spare time
after my work on island)

Band 40 & 20 SSB
QSL ok via buro,
 73 de Marco

Montecristo is a small Italian Island, they have an area of 10 square km, with 16 km of cliff and indented coastline and is formed by granitic rocks that rise at an height of about 600 mts.
It is located about halfway between Corsica and mainland Italy.
The island is remote and kept by the Italian government as a natural reserve from 1971, and only accessible by permit.

IOTA: EU-028 IIA: LI-015 MIA: MI-062

On the Island...

Il mezzo di trasporto per il materiale di lavoro ...

Cala Maestra

Cala Maestra

Cala Maestra

Cala Maestra

Il Belvedere

Cala Santa Maria

Il Convento

Il tramonto

... e la pausa in Radio
(RTX: Icom IC-706)

Antenna HF
(40 to 10m Bultiband Vertical)

Partenza ...

Il viaggio di ritorno

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