Ham Programs

Programmi OM  

Category : LOGS

Platform Version Author
CT Contest Logging Software dos/win 9.53 K1EA
TR LOG Contest Logging Software dos/win 6.02 N6TR
EasyLog 4 for Windows by Microware Software windows 4.53 IK1TZO
LOGvrr LogBook CallBook PacketCluster   dos 2.1g IN3VRR
NA Contest Logging Software  dos 10.36 K8CC
DX4WIN Windows Logging Software for DXer  windows 3.05 KK4HD
SDI Super-Duper for IOTA and other dos/win 9.31 EI5DI
WriteLog for Windows Logging Software windows 9.22 W5XD
LOG Program with DXCC-WAZ-Packet Cluster handling dos 6.35a I2EOW
FASTLOG Contest Logging Software (Italian version) dos 3.3 I0XGR
FASTLOG Contest Logging Software (English version) dos 3.3 I0XGR
LOGic5 Ham Radio Software package windows 5.1 -----
Multi-Mode Logging Prog. for SWL Multi Mode Contest dos/win 1.6 i121171
TAC Log Software for Contest VHF and above dos/win 1.8 OZ1FDJ
GE.CO. Software for Contest VHF and above    windows 2.9 IK0SDQ

Category : PACKET

Platform Version Author
ClusterMaster Full Packet Cluster management program windows 4.50 I0JX
DXC Monitor Packet Cluster DX Spots dos 4.0 IZ4AKO
DXC Monitor Packet Cluster DX Spots  linux 4.3 IZ4AKO
RXCLUS Monitor Packet Cluster DX Spots  windows 7.1 HB9BZA
TAPR Packet Radio from TAPR dos/win --- WD5IVD


Category : RTTY & CW

Platform Version Author
BTL Blaster TeLetype program with SoundBlaster dos/win 1.54e ZL2AKM
RTTY - RTTY software dos/win 4.0 WF1B
SCCW SoundCard CW dos/linux 1.1 VK3ESM
RXCW - CW software dos 1.2 IK0ZSN
RUFZ CW training softw. for the advanced CW-op. dos/win 3.1 DL4MM
PILEUP! Training software for the advanced CW-operator win95 1.10 G4ZFE
PED CW PileUp trainer program for the advanced operator dos 5.19 JE3MAS
HSST Ultra High Speed CW Trainer dos 1.21 JE3MAS


Category : ICOM  System's

Platform Version Author
ICOMTROL  Control all the Icom radios windows 3.0 IK0AOC
RigMate   Control program for Icom radios windows 1.04 I0JX
COMM100s  Control program for RX  IC-R7100 windows - -
IC706MM  Program IC-706's memories with PC windows - N5DUH
IC735C  Control program for IC-735 windows - -
ICOM  Radio control and logging for Icom radios windows - VE6YP
ICOM42  Icom Programmer windows 4.2 N5MHZ
WinIcom  Program control of the Icom radios windows 1.0 IK0JRE
ICR7000  Program control for RX  IC-R7000 windows - N2PXJ
CI-V25  Program to emulate the CT-16 radio to radio link windows - KN4HX
R7000C13   IC-R7000 Computer assisted software windows 1.3 WB6IZG
ProCat  Rig control & Logging package windows 2.1 -
Radio Manager  Program control of IC-R7000 + OptoScan windows 2.01 -


Category : KENWOOD  System's

Platform Version Author
RIGEQF  Program control all the Kenwood tranceiver windows 2.29 N3EQF
KENTROL   Tuning, Logging, Control for Kenwood HF rigs windows 5.2 VE3BGB
MINICAT  Program Control Rig Kenwood tranceiver windows - G0SBV
RigMaster   Control program for Kenwood radios windows 5.04 I0JX
AK  Amazing Kenwood Rig control program windows 4.5 -
RIGMAN  Rig Management and Control Kenwood Radios windows 2.1d -
TS850  Program control TS-850 tranceiver windows - -
HAMSHK  Logging and Control for Kenwood Radios windows 10 ? -
RCP  Program control for Kenwood TS-870 & TS-570 windows - -
TMG707  Program control for Kenwood TMG-707 windows - -


Category : YAESU  System's

Platform Version Author
PC-MONITOR Control program for RX FRG-8800/9600 windows 4.03 G4SGI
FT-1000MP CAT Control program for FT-1000MP windows - ON4AOI
YAESUsoft CAT Software for RTX HF Yaesu dos 4.46 -
YAESUcat Control Source Library for FT-736R & FT-847 windows - N2WWD
YASCAN to operate your FT-736R as a scanner dos/win 1.7 VE1COR
FRGscan Control program for RX FRG-9600 windows - -
FT736sat FT-736R Control program for satellite work dos/win 3.0 WB1BQE


Category : DRAKE  System's

Platform Version Author
Smart R8 Control   Program for the Drake R8/R8A/R8B dos 1.51 -
Smart R8 Control 32   Program for the Drake R8/R8A/R8B win95/NT 3.20 -
Smart R8 Control   Program for the Drake R8/R8A/R8B windows 3.13 -


Category : JRC  System's

Platform Version Author
Turbo JRC  Control for JRC NRD-535D HF Receiver windows 5.38 -
NRD  Control for JRC NRD-525 & 535D HF Receiver dos/win 6.2 -


Category : AOR  System's

Platform Version Author
PD7030  Control for AOR AR7030 SW Receiver dos/win - -


Category : LOWE  System's

Platform Version Author
Smart Lowe Control 32 for LOWE HF-150 Receiver win95 3.21 -


Category : SATELLITE

Platform Version Author
Rover Mars Decodes and Plots R. M. Pathfinder Telemetry dos 1.4 i121171
DOVE-17  Decode Satellite DOVE-17 Telemetry dos 1.0 i121171


Category : ROTOR Control

Platform Version Author
SAR tek-1   Universal Antenna Rotor Interface and Software win95 1.1 VE6RFM
LCU-3  Radio Control Antenna Rotor RS-232 Interface windows 1.0 W1GEE


Category : UTILITY

Platform Version Author
VPED Voice PileUp Program Trainer dos 1.06 JE3MAS
ITALOC  WW Locator for every italian town, with maps dos 1.5 IK0WRB