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ICOMtrol is a powerful program created to control all Icom radios from the computer. It contains a lot of interesting features.
The best one is that the program is absolutely FREEWARE! (for now...)

Follows a list of features:
Easy to use
Controlling two radios at the same time with short switch-over times between one radio and the other
Control of all Icom radios that have a CI-V interface.
Automatic configuration of the available modes according to the selected model number
Unlimited number of memory bank files may be created and recalled
The maximum number of memory channels per bank is +65,000
Each memory may be identified with a unique description
Memories are automatically indexed by frequency or description
A trace window is available to monitor control codes to and from the radios in both hexadecimal and verbose mode
ICOMtrol may be linked with I0JX's ClusterMaster program, allowing the cluster to automatically control the radio
ICOMtrol is a Microsoft Visual Basic application developed in 16 bit mode to allow its use under Windows95 and Windows 3.11.

The program is supplied "as is" and no responsibility is accepted by the author for any damage that may be caused to equipment, other programs or your data. This release of ICOMtrol is distributed as Freeware. It may be copied and redistributed ONLY in the original, unmodified ICOMtrol.zip form. Reverse engineering, modifications, additions or deletions are specifically prohibited. All reports and suggestions will be gratefully received and may help in fixing bugs and improving future releases, however, no undertaking is made to release other versions of the program. 

Download Icomtr30.zip (384 KB) in HTTP mode

Download Icomtr30.zip (384 KB) in FTP mode

NEW !!! Download the English version of the manual (ICOMtrol.doc) in Word 2.0 format

Comments on the function or problems encountered during its use will be appreciated. Please send all comments to:

[email protected]

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