TstHost is an intelligent packet radio program, multichannel, multisession. The program may manage the fbb unproto list, while the internal pms support both the standard mbl-rli and fbb compressed forward. Up to 8 separate channel, plus monitor window. Any channel may be used for an our connection, or a pms channel in case of external connection. Any channel may have indipended yapp file transfer and macro execution. The program may be expanded with server and pg program, to add new function. TstHost was written in order to work with tnc like tnc2, equipped with wa8ded or equivalent host eprom, but may work with any other tnc in kiss mode and baycom modem. Available for dos and windows

TstHost v1.43C  Dos version
Compared with 1.43b, fix some little bugs about year 2000.

TstHost v1.43C source code
Tsthost dos version 1.43C source code.

Tst v1.35
Simple terminal program for packet radio. It works on any tnc, support macro commands and yapp trasfer.

TstHWin v2.21b Win95/NT4.0 version
Minimum system requirements: Pentium 100, 16 Mbytes ram

Tsthwin language source code

Danish by esb6pn
Deutsch by dh8ymb
Dutch by pa1hsl
French by f5hbn
Spanish by eb8bbm


TF26D eprom
Host eprom image for tnc2

GkjBios v1.36
Serial driver combios compatible for tsthost and fbb bbs. Support up to 8 serial port, and the buffered serial chip 16550.

Tfpcx v2.10
Driver for tnc in kiss mode and/or baycom modem, with multiport capability.

TFWIN32 DLL v1.10
Win 32bit native Dinamic link library for tsthwin and kiss tnc. (by F6FBB)

Windows 95 flexnet drivers for baycom modem (both parallel and serial), pack6 kiss tnc and uscc cards

Agwpe 2000 packet engine
Powerful packet engine, capable to manage almost every packet devices, tnc, uscc, baycom....

TF2AGW v1.1
lu7did homepage
Dll to interface tsthwin and Agwpe, by LU7DID.

TSTKIS12                                                                                                                                                     Set you tnc in kiss 1200b for TstHost

TSTKIS96                                                                                                                                                      Set you tnc in kiss 9600b for TstHost

Kenwood TH-D7                                                                                                                                           Set you Kenwood th-d7 in kiss for TstHost



Tsthwarc Archive Manager v1.03 (Tsthost, TsthWin)
This is a simple and powerful message archive manager, require win95.
Polish documentation is available on sp7dqr page

Tsthwin dos module
Dos module for tsthwin version 1.20 and up, by IK1MSL

Tsthost dos module
Dos module for tsthost, by IK1MSL

Multi v1.00 (Tsthost, TsthWin)
Little and useful PG to send the same message to more users. Works with tsthwin and tsthost.

Auto7p v1.32b - M_filter 1.23a (Tsthost, TsthWin, Fbb)
This is a server to manage 7plus for fbb bbs type or tsthost. The purpose of the server is to automatize the 7plus split, error checking and correction request. Is possible extract and rebuild all the 7plus that arrive on the bbs, all or only the file that match our specification. The package include the corrected version 1.23a of m_filter for the new fbb 7.0

This B release include the capability to limit the size of the decoded programs.

Con_filt v1.00 (Tsthost, TsthWin, Fbb)
Simple connection filter program, support md2 and standard 5 letters password, source C code included.

List2Unp v1.10 (Tsthost, TsthWin)
Utility to convert the bbs list to unproto list format, useful for merge operation. You can have unproto list using the bbs standard list, source C code included.

UpdHbb v1.20 (Tsthost, TsthWin < 2.21)
Utility to programmatically update the autorouting file based on the received messages.

ReqFil v1.00 (Tsthost)
This is a simple server that return to the sender of the message, the requested ascii file, source C code included.

View v1.00 (Tsthost)
Simple PG that display to a pms user the contents of a compressed file, source C code included.

HRoute v1.01 (Tsthost)
Tools to manipulate the hierarchical route database, source C code included.

KillMail v1.02 (Tsthost)
Utility to selective delete messages.

Mes_Filt v1.00 (Tsthost)
Messages filter to selective accept, help, or refuse pms messages, source C code included.

MaintUsr v1.22 (Tsthost)
Utility to manipulate the users database, source C code included.