Italian Amateur Radio Station "ik8rih" , op. Alberto Ricciardi, qth Trebisacce (CS) ww-loc jm89gu  
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Amateur-Radio Station iK8RIH 
op. Alberto, QTH Trebisacce (CS)
Italy - Zone 15 
ww-loc. JM89GU

Radio-active from 1,8 to 432 Mhz since 1982 
and newcomer in Earth-Moon-Earth on 144 Mhz

  Author of "E.M.E anch'io"

magazine article (Italian), in which Alberto describes his experiences about E.M.E.


If your 2 meter station outputs 1500 watts or more into a 21dBi (or more) antenna array, if your receiver front-end has reasonably low noise and you have a D.S.P. audio filter , you may be able to work ik8rih via 2 meter moon-bounce.
Tune to 144,125  CW and point your antenna at the moon when I must be able to see the moon from Italy. I call "CQ" there regularly whenever E.M.E. conditions are favorable.
A simple
Moon Tracking Software can help you determine the best operating dates and times.
Check into the VHF-Net, Saturdays & Sundays on 14.345 Mhz,beginning around 1700 UCT to arrange a schedule.....or write to: [email protected]


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