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Net Staff 
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Alfredo in the radio shack

Net Manager from      Central Italy.

       Alfredo De Cristofaro                      IK6IJF.

Ex Navy and Merchant Marine Navigating  Officer. Radiotelegraphist of First Class on Car Carrier and Bulk Carrier Ships

E-mail: [email protected]


 Ruggero in his home in Milano

Relay Station from North      Italy.

             Ruggero Pizzi                     I2ARC.

Civil Engineer of Polythecnic School of Milan. Fashionated of Nautical Science.

E-mail:         [email protected]


      Gerard flying on board helios

Realy Station from      Belgium.

       Germonpre Gerard                       ON6BG

Police Officer specialised in electronics, Helicopters Technician. Relay Operator on several Maritime Mobile Nets.                            

E-mail: [email protected]


    Jack with his assistant Benny in         his home shack in Doylestown, PA.

Liaison Operator with the other Maritime Mobile Networks trasmitting  from United States.

             Jack Seitner                                    AA3GZ

Satellite Communications Engineer for NASA. Electronics Technician in Navy mantaining radio and radar during WW II.

E-mail:  [email protected]


Many thanks for cooperation to the following people:

             Fabio Bonucci                     IK0IXI

Propagation consultant of IARMS with application of VOAREA military and commercial software. Fabio's predictions permit  us to do better our job.


           Giuseppe Giobbi                  IK6QOP

IARMS Antennas Technician.  With high experience in mechanics and antennas installations.


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