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Dear OM, welcome to my home page!

I do hope you find this amateur site useful for your ideas as well as for your homebrew projects!

My name is Gabriele, I was born in Florence, Tuscany, in 1972 and I am a radio enthusiast since I was a child.

My father is an electrician and he used to repair vacuum tube receivers. I was fashinated by those lightened bulbs so that I took a hand-held CB transceiver, he used in the early days of CB, and I started calling CQ...

After some years of CB I finally took my loved HAM licence: IK5OSA!

I can certainly say that my radio passion has being an influence on my life vocation. In fact, I followed tech studies until I became first an electronic tecnician (1991), after a telecommunication engineer (1999).

Even if my primary interests are based on designing and constructing amateur equipments (I wish I had the time for all my ideas!), I took part in some successful DXpeditions (3V8BB, TS5I, 3V8BT and 3V8DJ) where I had amazing experience both from radio and human point of views.

I highly encourage you to try building your amateur equipments!

The joy derived by using the equipment you built, greatly repay the effort, time and money you put within the projects: words can't convey the feeling that goes with that experience!

Last but not least I love CW! The "everworking" mode of communications.

Before you start browsing my site, let me express a thought: I think that radio amateurs have to maintain
the historic memory of Morse Code!

So don't leave CW at itself but keep it up or try to learn it if you are not familiar with, so that you can become a bearer of this amateur radio heritage!


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