Aurora experience

pic sent me fm Dick pa2dwh

…..and finally I got my firts meet with Miss Aurora (hi) ! 

     Saturday 31 March 17.25z .. I was on converse ch14354 and there was a lot of excitement because the sun had made a X flare!  All were talking about if the Aurora was coming soon,  if it will be strong , and I hope this time was the ONE also for me….already 2 times I lost Aurora for a bit! So great was my wait!

     Few minutes after, got this on screen from 9a2rd : “Hey Mau, try to listen .085 with 30° qtf….can u hear something?” So I made my QSY at 144.085 and …zzzzzzz….just the time for put my antenna at 30° and  like a big breath  PUFF PUFF...oh boy puff puff at s9….so I write to Davor…uhmm seem  a cw without tone….maybe was she??? I had no wait for his answer…..It was Aurora….really and strong sigs of Aurora……immediately my heart started to go at 1000lpm and wet-hands….oh god  Mau …are u listen your 1st Aurora….come on !! wake up ….I cry to myself… Was fast the puff-cw at .085 and after a bit time I copied it was G4LOH with 20db over …amazing ….then I try to answer him with my slow-hand cw (hi) but nil….loh was a machine ..I can listen him in almost 4 qsos…so qsy….and heard not very fast puff-cw...PA4VHF …come on Mau answer , ready!!! YEAHHH  I had cry when listen my cw-puff-call from Dick….My wife and my 2 sons come in the shack room….and the last thing that I was to be able see , three head turn right-left and left –right and on the lips of my wife I’ve read “ papi is mad!” ….AURORA AURORA I cry like a house-alarm…..was the last time that I can see my family for next 9hours (no dinner , no WC..hi)!!!!!

     I can listen lot cw-puff  ...DK5DQ ...answer his cq ...and tnx to Nico-QRS-puff-cw ...another qso in log. Then I thought, uhmm how will be the ssb band? My curiosity made me try to listen for SSB Aurora was great, tuning fast and ....incredible sigs almost s5 s9 but like a alien-sound , seem when my wife lost her voice but still chat ..hihi...So I heard Jan PE1GNP ( he run with only 50w UFB qso!!), PE9DX at s9, tuning....DG5YIL ...and now the ONE! 

Around .385 PA0PVW...20-40db over s9!!!!! Was really strong that seemed he has the tone-voice..... yeah finally I was to be able work Peter...listened alot ..too much lot time during his QSO with Claudio I4XCC or Marco IK4DCX ..yeah....with Aurora help but PA0PVW was in my ears, in my tape and in my log J !! But it is not very easy do a SSB QSO in Aurora...much better in cw....infact thanks for the patience of Guido DL8EBW...he had to repeat his 8E lot lot time....I was not able to understand..but all ok after 3-4 time ..hi ..and same thanks for PA5DD .....was PA5PD ...but Uffè was very HAM and I think he still repeat Delta Delta, Delta Delta...hihi..grazie Uffe!!! In the end I want to thank also Andrè PE1HWO...this time he was having a bit probs to hear me....the real more fast qso was DH3YAK....I think 15 seconds and all was ok....thanks so much Win !

     I’m very sorry for lost QSO with Andy DL6YEH (sniff) and I want to thank also Steffen DD0VF for try with me....special thanks to 9a2rd and Zvonko 9A1CAL(9a6ww) for the private lesson about  how do an Aurora QSO and all info around it...grazie J

This is the end of my amazing  1st experience with miss Aurora....I was very happy , I love to say “ happy like a pig in the mud!!”, so a lot of friends in vfh-net make a congratulations and funny comments( Janne-lid ..hihii).    ........