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... My name's Flavio ...

The origin of the name Flavio si from Latin Flavius, originated by the word flavius, "blond, with blond hair".

Probably the better famous Flavio in the world was Cesare Vespasiano Augusto (Nov. 18th 0009 - June 23rd 0079), with his original name Tito Flavio Vespasiano and better known as Vespasiano. Vespasiano was Emperor of Rome between year 69 to 79. He was the founder of the Flavia Dinasty getting the throne after "the year of the four emperors". Vespasiano was followed by Tito Flavio Vespasiano, better know as Tito, (30 dicembre 39 - 13 settembre 81) and Tito Flavio Domiziano (years 79-80-81). Tito Flavio was normally known as Domiziano. He was born on Oct. 24th 51 and was death on Sept. 18th 96 (96 as 0096 not as 1996 !). Domiziano was the son of Vespasiano and his wife Domitilla also brother of Tito (confuse ? similar names, isn't ?)

Flavio name-day is June 22nd to honor San Flavio Clemente, martyr in Rome together with is wife Domitilla (was a common name !) during persecutions by his cousin Domiziano. The Church worship a bishop on March 24th (San Flavio Atino from Brescia), and San Flavio Martyr with his brothers Agostino and Augusto, on May 7th., and also French San Flavio Martyr from Roven, killed in 0544, on August 23rd.

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