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Warning old radios operate with high voltages. Be careful!

Communications receivers

nc183d.jpg NATIONAL NC-183D year:1952, double conversion IF: 1720, 455 Khz, 17 tubes , crystal filter, noise limiter

Manual: K4XL's BAMA

sp600.jpg HAMMARLUND SP-600 year:1950, double conversion IF: 3955, 455 Khz, 20 tubes, (mil R-324).

Manual info: K4XL's BAMA

hq145a.jpg HAMMARLUND HQ-145A year:1964 double conversion IF: 3035, 455 Khz, 11 tubes.

Scheme: Rovero's HQ-145 Page

Some military radio

ar18f.jpg Mil Italian receiver: A.R.18 year, 1941, single conversion IF: 900 Khz, 5 tubes ,bfo.

It was one of the HAM receivers in Italy after WWII.

bc348.jpg BC-348-R

8 tubes aircraft liaison (long range) receiver build before and during WW II single conversion IF: 915 Khz. It served in every large U.S. Army aircraft: in B-17,24,25,29 and C-47.

Manual: link to


Mil Russian receiver: 1969. The set is a double conversion super heterodyne receiver, covering the 1-20 MHz range in the following bands: 1-1.92, 1.92-2.8, 2.8 - 4.3, 4.3 -8.7, 8.7 - 12.0, 12.0 - 20 Mhz. The design uses two RF stages.

R326 receiver + scheme

William Howard: Russian Mil Radio

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