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Interac 1.8A SSTV

Use firewalls and routers with Interac

Firewalls are typically configured to allow the computer to make requests anywhere on the Internet, and receive answers. Some programs, however, must be able to accept data required by the Internet. Interac is an example of such a program. When connected to another station using interace, she and the other station take turns sending data to each other, so PC each station must be able to receive data without having asked.

Interac uses ports TCP 27222nd and 27223rd. InteraAce To use, you must configure the router route all incoming data on these two ports to the PC on which installed Interac. Typically, there are two ways to configure this: Forwarding. Most routers allow data on the doors specifications to be "transmitted" to specific computers. interace If you plan to use on one PC, configure the router to forward ports TCP 27222nd and 27223rd that of computer.

  1. Connect the WLAN router
    Follow the steps below to connect the WLAN router. LAN connection
    Connect an Ethernet cable to a free LAN port on the back of WLAN router. Connect
    the other end of the cable into the port RJ-45 computer on your WLAN Router.
    TCP / IP work with the WLAN router

  2. Click Start Settings

  3. Control Panel.

  4. Control panel opens:

  5. Right mouse network icon and select Open to open the dialogue Network Connections:

  6. Right-click on appropriate connection LAN Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click Properties to open the Properties window for the connection:

  7. Check the box next to Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click Properties: here should not be any number, though in this case having numbers and a protocol Use the Following IP of Andress your machine with the router, nothing better!

  8. Select option Obtain an IP address automatically and click the OK button.
    Click OK again to close.
    Make sure the modem is turned on. Restart the system.

  9. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape. Enter the IP address of router in the address bar of your browser is enough write the number of IP router 's IP address should be set as follows depending on the type of ROUTER

  10. You should see a window that requires username and password. Enter your username and password now. By default both the username and password are blank. Click the OK button to access to your router. . Please visit our user name and page password, if the user name and password above indicated it did not work for you.










    Firewall -- Port Forwarding

  1. Look for the entry in this table allows Port Forwarding if automatically targets common network service, and a specific machine behind the firewall. These settings are necessary only if you want to host some sort of server as a web server or mail server on the private local network behind the firewall NAT Gateway.

  2. Put a check mark the box Enable Port Forwarding. Enter the IP address to forward these ports in IP Address box. If you are forwarding ports so you can run a program on your computer, you must enter the IP address of the computer in that box. Use Protocol drop-down menu to select the type of protocol port forwarding. If you forward a single port, Enter the port number in the left and the Port Range right Port Range boxes. If you forward a range of doors, enter the lowest number in this range window left Port Range. Then enter the highest number Top of the range that in the right window Port Range. Enter the program name in the Comment box. No matter what you put in this box, but something that will remind you because these ports are forwarded would be a good idea. When you are finished, click Apply Changes.

 Enable Port Filtering

  1. Click to activate or deactivate Enable Port Filtering

  2. Enter the IP number of your ANDRESS computer

  3. Select TCP protocols leads from filtered.

  4. Port Range select the numbers Interac 27222-27223.

  5. Comment on this type of filter rule in field Interac

  6. Give the command Apply Changer wait a second.

  7. Repeat the same function and add the number 80 and Protocol TCP.

And it is! You're finished!you did a nice job inside your router is already configured!

More help can visit the website here>>>

More help can visit the website here>>>

Here on the photos takes you step by step movements do Windows 7


If the program does not work your system going to get number MY-IP, you start Explorer
and type As here  (SCIRVI YOUR IP NUMBER ON suid)
at this point from the number Your IP Andress and please write the program Interac. (vedifoto)

This page inform all OM of Radio, to do something different, I hope to make a connection via Internet exchange SSTV images, photos, and another way to have some fun, are active all afternoons. Here are other photos that I received Photo SSTV Internet
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I hope to be supported how to install the program Interac


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