Ballon VE3KCL 30 metri

Frequenza 10140.20


      Flight S-9

Like the former flights, this one also used a special U3 firmware version on an Arduino Nano board, with QRP Labs Si5351A Synthesiser. Anticipated launch is April 5 around 1200 UTC. The telemetry is the same as S8, using channel 4 sending WSPR, JT9 and CW. This time using 2 party balloons and a 23gm payload..(less weight than a house sparrow).

Live tracking

The map below will be updated automatically with the latest received position during the balloon's flight. The thin blue line is the estimated path overnight, based on NOAA projections (see images below) started at the time/location of the last position report.

During the balloon's night time the battery is quickly depleted, so from just after sunset there are no more reports until daylight.

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IK1HGI INFORMA  sperimentazione  coloro operatori su auto costruzione Grazie 73 Antonio& Buona Visione 

Tx 472 khz
QRP 472

Impedenza 472 khz

Variometro 472 khz

Tx 472 khz
Canna 476

Ampl. 472

Targa merito


QRP 15m


QRP 20m


QRP 30m


QRP 40m


QRP 80m

Multi QRP


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