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pof_sculptor my rig

qth Capri island - Italia , ww locator jn70cn , iota eu31

isola profilo

blugrotto cqdx
Blue Grotto CQ DX

co_founder of the

Puparuņ Radio Club

link to the
puparuo radio club capri
Puparuņ Radio Club
a picture's gallery of friends and past operations on
IC8 Capri island

can be found at :

link to
ic8pof ham lab
my How_To
link arco club Arco Club Capri 160m-gp
Ballon Vertical
cq-ing on the sea
Memories...a long story!
Capri Island S.C.F. Award
capri island award
Due to a HD failure all the Qsos are lost.
We do hope to replicate as soon as possible!
sdr island by ic8pof
SDR techniques and
Parrot eeQso
ic8pof station
My station .
Links & Software for Hams porto vecchio
Capri island info.
The Life goes on anyway...
La cucina del Puparuņ
...link coming soon
Piatti tipici locali e non
senza schema ma molto appetitosi.
Local typical plates and non,
without outline,but very appetizing.

My business.

I am also member of the : arrl_logo

Qsls are appreciated, direct+SASE , via eQSL.cc and LOTW system please.
my address is: Filippo Petagna
via Marina Grande 204 - 80073 Capri, Italia
e-mail: ic8pofATyahooDOTcom - copy,paste,correct.

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