Yaesu FT1000 & D ROM upgrade
hb9bnk ft1000

First report many years ago .

The only way to get connected the ol'FT1000 rig to a modern CAT program is to have the latest ROM Eprom version 6.xxx .
When the ol'1k appeared on the market almost 30 years ago there were almost no software programs making use of the CAT interfaces
but Yaesu put such option because they already those times produced a software procedure to connect this radio to a pc computer
which gave the possibility to comand the radio with a personal computer (pc) ....
Nowadays the CAT option is a very common feature in every HAM_RADIO.

Today a short search in the MARE_MAGNUM on the WWW gives at once some e*p*ay links to purchase the new eprom
but no link reports HOW_TO make that change with fotos.

The folllowing report has been written by Werner HB9BNK years ago, but unfortunately he has taken away his fine web_pages from the WWW.
Therefore after having exchanged some emails with him, Werner has sent to me that report and the pictures to be published again
in my web pages.

Link to download the report ...   

.....status writing by ic8pof

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