IC8POF's report about
CW reducing Click mods developed by Inrad and W8JI.

Here are the first pictures of the ANTI_CLICK_MODs "ACM" developed by Inrad & W8JI
done on my Yaesu FT mkV_Field 1000 MP

Pictures regarding the access to the boards, specially the RF_board,
which is a little more complicated than just leave it guessing W8JI are on this page

Follow this link to read How_To add the "ACM"mini_board
the switches ON\OFF switch

...still working on the page.....
links to the larger pics are not jet enabled

The first picture shows the wave form of the cw signal at the IF point before any modification.

These following pictures are slef_explanatory.
Inrad IF mod InradRF
The ACM mod. at RF side uses the same capacitor of 100nF for both projects , but the result is different.
There is not a NO_mod picture at RF side because it has no signal on the added wire without the capacitor.

The resulting RF envelopes : RF no mod
RF Inrad mod
RF w8ji mod
The resulting rf waveform from the W8JI mod.has just a milder rise_time than the original_"no-mod"
its fall time is quicker than that of Inrad.
The Inrad mod gives very little rise_time than w8ji to the rf envelope, but seems to give longer fall_time.
I do not have a spectrum analizer so it is difficult to check better the output signal.
Some wav files have been also recorded, I have to trim them with the same parts to do a better comparison
Looking at the pictures of the RF waves my impression is that the mods differences are very little
compared to the original no_mod RF wave.
I have wired the click_mod so that i can switch it in or out from the outside of the rig
The pictures to Wav files will be uploaded ASAP.

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marzo 2004