This page describes How_To add the following mods to the mk_V Field rig.

*** CW Click reducing mod developed by W8JI***
follow this link for the complete story.

*** Duplicate Lin PTT switch, idea by IC8POF ***

...links to the larger pics are going to be enabled ...

Since some time I was thinking of re-open my mkV_F.
I wanted to add a duplicate of the PTT_Lin switch which is on the rear of the rig also on the front.
Often (or most of the radio_time) I do not use the RF PA so the "click_noise" of the ptt relay is annoying.
Having also decided to add the CW_Clicks _Reducer , I have thought that it was time to put the radio activity in QRX
and re-open the rig for adding that modifications.
Having the external switches for both mods let me be able to switch them from the front of the rig.
The larger pictures are rather big :

Anticlick is 390kb. Here is shown how to place the wires,their direction and the small flat connector

2 switches is 110kb. Here is my solution to mount the switches under the front-left rig's leg.
Also on this side of the cables I have used flat connectors to easy removing the chassis.

Anticlick & PTT dupe

2 switches

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novembre 2004