Goldies DxPeditions
Outstanding Operations in the Past

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VK0IR - Heard Island K7K `97 Kure I. Dxpedition -unverifyed-
BS7H - 1997 DXpedition ZK1XXP - `97 N. Cook I.
CY9AA - St. Paul I. DXpedition

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3B7RF St Brandon DXpedition -unverifyed- 1998 BI5X DXpedition -unverifyed-
8Q7AA - CADXA Maldives DXped 8Q7DF DXpedition Site
FP/N9PD Miquelon Is. DXpedition
3D2DX DXpedition Web Page 1998 ET3AA DXpedition
1998 Wake Island DXped 1998 E30GA Eritrea DXped
1998 BQ9P Pratas Is. DXped 1998 VK9LX Lord Howe DXped
1998 XZ1N Myanmar DXped 1998 FT5Z Amsterdam Is. DXped

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Aland Island DXpedition Site BI5P IOTA DXped Web Page
D68YN D68YV - Comoros JY74X - Jordanian DXpedition
S0RASD W. Sahara DXped 5A2A - DXpedition to Libya
3Y0PI - Peter 1'st I. DXpedition VP8SSI - South Sandwich I.
YS1ZKR DXpedition Page 5H1FS - Zanzibar I. `97
JD/7J1AYK Ogasawara DXpedition H40AA Temotu I. Website
ODXG Willis I. Website CY0DX - Sable I. DXpedition
JT1Y DXpedition Site A35FN,LZ, 5W0FN,LZ Site
8P9FX DXped Website CDXC `98 Spratly I. Website
HK0F - San Andres Is. DXpedition 5A21PA DXpedition Website
98 99 NH4/NH6YK Midway Is. 1999 ZL9CI Campbell Is. DXped

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