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VOACAP is considered by many to be the defacto standard HF propagation prediction tool.  Although originally developed on UN*X, the official release of VOACAP is now maintained on Windows (using the Salford Fortran compiler). This project represents an effort to compile VOACAP using the GCC GFortran compiler and create a set of OSS support utilities.

Visitors to this site may also be interested in the online resources at voacap.com (which uses the voacapl engine to produce predictions) and proppy which adopts the ITU's P.533 prediction method.

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VOACAPL: The command line driven engine that performs the predictions. A port of the original VOACAP engine.
pythonProp: A set of tools supporting graphical input and output. The voacapgui GUI permits creation of input files and display of output files.
Morse Code: Learn Morse Code online with an updated version of Martin Minow's Java application (or download the .jar).