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Worth nowing from HP1XVH
This text as follows is just a description about the QTH of HP1XVH, to inform you about the reason why since years HP1XVH is participating in int.
Ham-competions and to show you some nice exotic pictures.

             ARS-HP1XVH on a smale 1 sqm big Island called Contadora Island in the Gulf of Panama.        Contadora is one of the Pearl-Island  in the  Archipielago de las Perlas of the  Republic of Panama and  35 miles  offshore  Panama/City  and the  Canal and is located in the Pacific.
Contadora has the IOTA number:          NA 072.
The Amateur-radio-Location of Panama :   WAZ 07- ITU 11- Loc. FJ08 LO.
The precise Coordinat,s of HP1XVH :         08.37.224° North and 79.02.221West
Contadora is  connected to the mainland with two daily flights from two different airliners. The flight-time is 17 minutes.

***OM-Gunter since 1987a Ham***

In the year 1987/88 I was a absolutely newcomer in the field of Amateurradio and even with  the  help  of my friends  it  was not so easy for me to learn this Ham- lessons when your age is already 57.

             With  my  int.  success in European Rallies  ( Races on regular roads ) with Porsche 911RS  there   was  a  good  platform  for  me  to connect  this  with my new  Hobby and to participate with my friends also in international Amateur-Radio-events.
             It  is  not necessary  to name  that  this  participation  in  international  contests 
is connected  with a  hell of a preparation  on the  Island,    with a lot of material, equipment, time  and  financia l resources and on top of it with a lot of necessarily   enthusiasm for this kind of Hamoperation.
            Another  criterion  is  that  with  the  Island of Contadora in the Gulf of Panama we had and have a top location for this kind of events.
It was a long stony road for a newcomer with a simple radio on his desk and a antenna on a light-mast to what I have as equipment today.


            Thunderbolts,  brocken PC,s,  burned Radios and Amps,  brocken  4-Element Mono- bander and nibbled  cables  from my Cats did not stop us to enjoy each of the contests. 
The handicap  that Panama is the last country in the  continent  NA –we  get only two points for  each contact in  the  US instate of 3 points the caribbean Hams get  for US contacts- did also not harm our enthusiasm. 
Under this circumstances  you should see also our results of this events.


             The pictures shown in this my homepage  will tell  you about what I  have named to you before.  You will see wild  and other animals we are taking care of, a  lot of metal in  my palm-garden and a lot of Equipment needed for competitions.


            In  another  page there  is  also a list  of how  ARS-HP1XVH  Radio  Ocelot did with several special calls in different international events and in the last years.

            The  work  of HP1XVH on  Contadora  Island is  in  a  good  relation to the fun  my friends and I we have had during this competitions.        Our first places, our existing World- North-America- and Zone-Records are  also  an  indicator  that our great setup was  =worth= it. 
A Hobbyist has always an excuse for the money he spends for his Hobby. Hi 


HP1XVH- HP0HQ- HP100XVH- HO1A- (HP1LR)- HP1/DL7AA- HP1/DL5XX 3E1AA- 3E1DX- and 3E1CW and others. 
In the time from 1998 to 2003 we did about 120.000 QSO,s

            I take the  opportunity to say thank’s to all  international Hams  who  did  helped us to get this our good results out of this international events. 

See you in the next contest.

Best 73,s from HP1XVH-Günter.


PD:        HP1XVH is also running a yearly/daily Net for Sailboats called  Pacific Island Net
to lead Sailors from  the Panama-Canal  via Galapagos,  Marquesas Isl. and  Tahiti to New Zealand and Australia.

             My contest-equipment and Monoband antennas are very helpful in this case.
    The  German TV -DW-Deutsche Welle  did  a  nice  filming about  this  activities in my radio-shack.    It was published in 2002 and in 2003 in german and in english.  GSH.