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Originally I thought of visiting many pages and making recommendations. You will get a URL below that all ham must know -- and nothing else is necessary to navigate the Internet for ham related materials and links.

A good friend and clubmate, hg8fh pointed me to a great URL. He warned me that the HTML file is quite lengthy, so I should get it via e-mail using "webmail." Indeed, he was right. The URL is complex and it has many useful links. Thus, if you have time energy and you don't have to pay a telephone bill, jump to the appropriate link. Otherwise just get it via e-mail (ca. 100 k).

Everything ham you need and even far more than that via the Web:

(ham-www) Amateur Radio WWW bookmark file

Everything ham you need and even far more than that via e-mail:

Send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

leave the subject line blank and in the body type (well, just cut and paste):

get http://www.qsl.net/ham-www/index.html

This will work and the webmail server will fetch you the file with many great links practically to anything you can think of.

By the way, this way you can get practically any Web page you wish or have trouble with downloading.

Hungarian Ham operators on the Internet:

(MRASZ) Hungarian Radio Amateur Society mrasz

Hungarian ham operators at http://www.qsl.net:

(A good site to sign up for free Web space.)

You can find a more detailed collection of Hungarian Ham pages at the link page of HA5KFU.

For a bit of fun check out the Chickenology Encyclopedia compiled by Ervin:


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