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Some features on this website are available to members of the HFpack e-group only. HFpack is an international resource for portable High Frequency communications. HFpack provides an exchange for information about transceivers, antennas, systems, packs, and the methods used by HF portable enthusiasts using ionospheric propagation for long distance radio signals.
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HFpack Databases
HF Transceivers: Receive Current and Operational Voltage Range  Measurements of HF Transceivers on Receive with No Signal and Low Volume Setting. Low Voltage Dropout and Maximum Voltage Range of Operation. 
HFpack Portable Frequency List Useful Frequencies for HF Portable Transceiver Memory
HFpack =HALL=OF=FAME= CATEGORIES 1,2,3,4  PM/PM (Pedestrian Mobile-to-Pedestrian Mobile) & HPM/HPM or HPM/PM (Human Powered Mobile-to-Human Powered Mobile or Pedestrian Mobile) 
BeaconSee cat codes  Control entries for Beacon-See program
AIRPORT /PM LOCATIONS  Database of good spots for pedestrian mobile operation at various airports around the world. Add your experience to this database. 
Portable Antenna Tuners  Comparisons of various antenna tuners suitable for hfpacking operation.