Heartland Amateur Radio Association


The  Signal Corps Arm  of the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles Lexington, Nebraska USA

Constitution and Bylaws

We the undersigned, whose names are here-unto subscribed, hereby associate ourselves, together to form the “HEARTLAND AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION” (HARA), Also known as the Signal Corps Arm of the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles. The purpose of forming this association is not for pecuniary profit, and to that end we adopt the following articles of association.


The name of the “Association” shall be the “HEARTLAND AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION” herein after referred to as the “Association”, and further to be known as the “Signal Corps Arm of the Museum of Military Vehicles”. The Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles herein, after referred to as the “Museum”.



Location of said association and principle place of operation shall be the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles, Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska 68850.


The purpose of the “Association”, is for the study and promulgation of the science of electronics as relates to the construction, maintenance and operation of Amateur Radio equipment and the restoration, installation, maintenance, preservation and operation of Military Radio Equipment, as it relates to the equipment and vehicles of the "Museum", provided that the "Museum", agrees to provide the facilities, equipment and repair parts for the restoration, maintenance and installation of said Military Radio Equipment and to provide a suitable place to house related equipment, hold meetings, fraternize and to become better acquainted with one another for the mutual instruction, education and recreation.

The Amateur Radio Equipment of the “Association”, is also to be used for public interest and convenience, particularly in an EMERGENCY situation wherein normal communication facilities fail or are disrupted by Act(s) of God, Enemy Action(s) or otherwise. All such Amateur Radio facilities and operations shall be controlled and operated by licensed Amateur Radio Operator(s) who are members in good standing of the “Association”, without reward for their services, under and by the authority of the Federal Communications Commission, and in accordance with all appropriate existing United States Laws, Treaties and Regulations.

To this end the “Association”, shall have the authority to buy, sell, lease, mortgage and own personal property, to enter into lawful contracts or agreements, or to do any other lawful act or acts that may be found necessary in order to properly promote and to finance “Association” objectives, provided the “Association” shall have no authority to bind the “Museum”, without its express and written authority.

The “Association”, shall hold the “Museum”, harmless from liability for any acts or failure to act by the “Association”.



Membership in the "Association", is open to any person meeting the qualification set forth herein and shall continue so long as the individual continues in good standing by paying current dues, fees and assessments. Membership shall be of three classes.



Are those members in good standing who hold a currently valid Amateur Radio Operators License of any class, as issued by the Federal Communications Commission. FULL MEMBERS shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the “Association”, except as set forth in ARTICLES VI and IX hereof. FULL MEMBERS shall be entitled to one vote each on any matter brought before the “Association”, which must be cast in person except upon unanimous consent of those present at the time the vote is offered by PROXY.


are those not holding such a license, but having sufficient interest in Amateur Radio to pay the annual membership dues, fees and assessments as paid by FULL, MEMBERS. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall have all the rights of the "Association", EXCEPT those of voting, holding office, and the right. to operate any radio transmitting equipment. Not more than FORTY (40%) per centum of the membership may be of the ASSOCIATE MEMBER class.


are those members having' an interest in the goals of the “Association”, but that are unable to regularly attend “Association” functions.


Meetings of the “Association” shall be held at approximately one-month intervals, and there shall be at least eight (8) meetings held each year. The ANNUAL meeting for election of DIRECTORS and OFFICERS shall be the regular meeting in January. The FISCAL year of the "Association" shall coincide with the calendar year.

One-third (1/3) of the FULL members in good standing shall constitute a QUORUM, and a vote of a majority present shall prevail except as otherwise provided herein. Parliamentary procedures shall be governed by ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER. The affairs of this "Association" shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of six (6) FULL MEMBERS, each of whom must hold a currently valid Amateur License of the *GENERAL c1ass or HIGHER. The first board to be elected on 25 March: 1995 meeting of the "Association" shall consist of six (6) FULL MEMBERS, two (2) of  whom are to be elected for a term of three (3) years, two (2) of whom are to be elected for a term of two (2) years, and two (2) of whom are to be elected for a term of one (1) year. Thereafter two (2) members are to be elected annually for a period of three (3) years, or until their successors are elected and qualified.  (*Amended 5/8/2007)

Vacancies on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall be filled by the membership of the “Association”. Any member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, who without just cause fails to attend three (3) consecutive “Association” meetings, shall automatically be terminated as a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The just cause provision of this ARTICLE shall be determined by the remaining members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. If the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall see fit to terminate the tenure of one of its BOARD MEMBERS, the remaining BOARD MEMBERS, shall cause-notice to be given by mail to the DIRECTOR whose tenure has been terminated.

The BOARD shall have complete power and control of the business affairs of the "Association", and shall formulate policies and direct the officers relative to courses of action pertaining to the "Association" management. The board may delegate such powers as it deems expedient, except as limited by these Articles.

The following are elected in accordance with the above requirements to serve for periods set opposite their names. (Original Board of Directors)

1.      W A0JRM - Gary Reiss, January 1998

2.      2. K0TD - Gary Jezbera, January 1998

3.      3. N0KHY - Ray Nelson, January 1997

4.      4. KF0JW - Jim Gibbs, January 1997

5.      5. W4YDN - Ralph Hopkins, January 1996

6.      6. WB0SAO - Randy Gigliotti, January, 1996

Meetings of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, shall be held at least twice each year, one such meeting to be held immediately following the ANNUAL ELECTION in January of each succeeding year. Meetings shall be called by the President upon request of a majority of the members of the Board. Four (4) shall constitute a QUORUM of the Board. A vote of a majority of those present .shall prevail, except that the President shall have no vote, except to determine an otherwise tie issue.

All members of the, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, shall upon beginning their tenure of office, place their signatures on the “Signature Authorization Card (s)” at all financial institutions at which the “Association” does business, and upon ending their tenure of office shall remove said signature within two weeks.


A QUORUM of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall have the authority on behalf of the “Association”, to authorize financial transactions, as it deems necessary to conduct the business of the “Association”. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall also have the authority to deposit and withdraw monies in a Financial Institution. Any withdrawal(s) shall require the signature of two (2) members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


The private property of members of this “Association” shall at all times be exempt from all “Association” debts.



The OFFICERS of this “Association” shall be a PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, AND SECRETARY/TREASURER, and such others as may be established by the board. The OFFICERS shall be elected from the membership of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS by the members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS immediately following the election of the MEMBERS of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS at the annual meeting of the “Association” in each succeeding January.


This “Association” may be DISSOLVED at any regular meeting of the "Association" or at any SPECIAL MEETING called for that purpose by three fourths (3/4) vote of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, subject to the approval of the “Association” membership by a vote of three fourths (3/4) of those present.


DATED: 25 March 1995



Jim Ellison - N0YNA

Jim Gibbs - KF0JW

Randy J. Gigliotti - WB0SAO

Ralph L. Hopkins - W4YDN

Gary Jezbera - K0TD

Raymond F. Nelson - N0KHY

Gary A. Reiss - WA0JRM

Richard L. Rickel- WA0RAK


COPYRIGHT, November 2004, HARA,

Last Amended 5/8/2007