HAMCOW - Videos By Us and About Us

Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds 2017 Drone flyover of the camping and pit areas
Thursday night before the racing begins.

A fast pass by Dave Higgins on Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds 2017

Drone video of the downhill parade of the racers after the first practice heat.

Video of the lighthouse site and the massive equipment required to make the move.
The lighthouse was in danger of collapsing into the ocean, so it was relocated
135 feet farther back from the edge.  It should be safe for at least 150 more years!

We're already training our replacements!
Evan, son of N1JOY & KB1TQB, is learning
Morse Code at 2 Years & 2 Months old!

NEAR Fest XII Friday Night Musician Jam Session

N1JOY using the pneumatic antenna launcher.

Martha's Vineyard DX-Pedition 2012 - Getting ready to contest.

Martha's Vineyard High Power Long Distance WiFi Link


2012 Amateur Radio Field Day Announcement

Time lapse video of the ride from N1JOY's to the
Vineyard ferry, and arrival at Vineyard Haven.

This is our arrival in Vineyard Haven as we drove off the ferry
with the new HAMCOW Hauler tow vehicle.

The new GoPro camera has allowed us to take some camera shots like never before.
Here is a look from the HF Yagi at our site below.  Watch the tower be telescoped up
and view our site from 45 feet above the ground.

Another shot taken with the GoPro camera looking straight down the boom of
the HF Yagi on the main HAMCOW tower.  You can see how great of a location
this is with absolutely no terrain to obstruct our signals.  Watch the tower
telescope up to full height and rotate back and forth to see a full
360 degree view of the horizon.

HAMCOW preparations at N1JOY's QTH for the 2012 Martha's Vineyard DX-Pedition.
N1JOY, W2DAN, N1PMB, KB1JBC, N1RHS, & KB1G all pitched in. 3/24/2012

TEAM HAMCOW setting up the trailer
on Martha's Vineyard, 5/5/2011
Video by N1JOY & KE1LI

Fall River Herald New online article
from June 27, 2008


Video by K1OIK
(Can you guess which TEAM HAMCOW
member that "behind" belongs to?)

Kuss Middle School High Altitude Balloon Launch
June 13, 2008

Fall River Herald News Video describing the balloon
and payloads.  HAMCOW is visible in the background.

See the video from the balloon camera payload
while it gets prepared, filled with helium, and
then launched.  Follow all 6 segments on YouTube to
see the entire flight from Fall River, MA, and recovery
from Buzzards Bay literally a few yards off the coast
of Cuttyhunk Island more than 20 miles away.

Link Direct to All 6 Video Segments on YouTube
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