HAMCOW Contributors


Special Thanks to those who have helped make the HAMCOW possible through their time and generous donations.

W2DAN - For countless hours and dedicating many weekends to make it all happen!
And the D-Link router and Linksys switch, and some other "stuff"!

N1PMB - For getting the free set of tandem axles & tires (plus spares), and XM Satellite radio,
the use of his EVDO air card, and quite a few days & nights of hard work.  Plus the
Dell laptop!

KE1LI with a fresh gallon of urethane that saved the day! (And a generous cash donation!) plus driving from Connecticut to spend several weekends.
And most recently the donation of the Acer laptop!

N1RHS - For helping purchase "stuff", wiring up the main battery bank, and loaning his 4KW generator.

KB1JBC - Running cables & propane lines, and other "stuff".

WB1HGA - for helping with sanding the walls.

KB1TIM - Testing antennas, building the main umbilical cable, and the beer! (Things just wouldn't get done some days without beer.)
And the heavy cable for the 240V electrical sub panel.

KB1JDY - for the generous cash donation, help with radio bench stuff, & a few more beers.

K1OB - for the cool Atomic wall clock! (Shipped from Virginia!)

WA1BXY - we put him to work on his very first visit.

KB1NFZ - Helping test antennas, building the coax umbilical cable, and other fun stuff.

W1IDZ - For the headphones & trailer marker lights.

N1YCQ - For a bunch of ratchet straps for holding things steady.

N1OCY - for machining parts for the new heavy duty guy stakes & fabricating parts for W2DAN's tower.

N1UOM and the nice folks he works with at Equity National Title  & Closing services for the nearly brand new 600 Watt true sine wave inverter.

N2PGD - for the logging server PC and great flat panel display!  Plus a large pile
of Motorola HT-600 & Visar handheld radios complete with battery chargers.

WA1RI - for the set of stabilizer scissor jacks.

K1OCD - for the Raystar 125 flush mount GPS for the APRS station.

K1TLI - for the awesome 'TEAM HAMCOW' banner.

N1DU & Corporate Image Apparel for the awesome 'TEAM HAMCOW' T-Shirts!

Chuck Marrone for the cool HAMCOW coffee mugs!

KA1RCI - for the VHF Motorola "Pancake" duplexer for the upcoming HAMCOW 2-Meter Repeater,
and a pair of Kenwood TK-730 radios.  Also 30ft. of aluminum tower for the WiFi Internet link.

W1SNE - who made a generous donation to help keep this beast running!

WA1ZCB - For his generous cash donation.