PW USB Radio Interface Article

In March 2012 Practical Wireless published the article for my original USB radio interface project.

Unfortunately due to an error on my part an error crept in on the PCB design which is corrected below.

Due to editorial pressures some of the photographs in the article were produced at much smaller than ideal and I have reproduced these on here for your assistance.

You can download a copy of the PW article by clicking on the icon below. The PCB layout has been corrected in the article. Thanks again to Practical Wireless for permission to reproduce the article here:-

Click above

If you require and further information please do not hesitate to contact me by email.


Corrected PCB layout.



To down load this as a JPEG Click here.

Isolation transformer circuit and isolation circuit.

If audio levels are too low replace 1k with higher value or replace 100K with a link and omit 1K



















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