GB7DIP TNOS/PBBS Alfreton, Derbyshire.. UK

Welcome, to the TNOS BBS at

Release KO4KS-TNOS/Unix v2.40/ELF [WWW version] ...

Welcome to GB7DIP Derbyshire Internet Packet Gateway Access page

Access to the System Requires a Valid Callsign and Password ,

Request access by Filling in the following Request Form and I will Reply Back via Email as soon as Possible

Access to the BBS without a Password will result in Guest Access (Read Only Mode) you will be able to Read all the bullitins and send SP M1ATV but no one else unless registered

Connect to the BBS Now

In a few moments, a window should appear. Please wait on this page for the window to appear -- it may take a while, depending on your connection to the Internet.

When the window pops up, you will be asked for your username. enter your Callsign. and Password..

if you have a password enter it NOW! if not then Guest Access allowed only..(Read Only Mode)

Access to the Node.Convers,DX Cluster is via Password Access only See above

Connect tothe Node Now

Please obey the rules as set by the gb7dip SysOp.

If you Would Like Access fill in the Request Form

Enjoy your stay!

73 de Rob M1ATV SysOp


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