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Information about TNOS

The Tampa Network Operating System (TNOS) is a KA9Q compatible multi-tasking TCP/IP environment designed for use with Amateur Radio.

The current release version is 2.40 The current development version being beta tested is 2.40 If you are a beta tester, or you are interested in the changes since the last release version, these upgrade notes will be helpful.

There are 109 registered TNOS users...

Documentation is available on the following topics.

  • What is TNOS?
    This is a reprint of a paper printed in the Proceedings of the 1994 TAPR Annual Meeting, with some information updated, and provides a brief introduction to TNOS and its capabilities.
  • Network Information Services
    This is a reprint of a paper printed in the Proceedings of the 12th ARRL Digital Communications Conference, September 10-11, 1993, with some information updated, which explains the TNOS Information Server and introduces the TScript Language.
  • The TScript Language
    A brief but evolving document describing the TScript language used by TNOS in the Information Servers, script command, and mailbox hook commands.
  • TNOS Support
    Information on TNOS support, including mailing list information
  • To-Do List
    The current To-Do list for TNOS as development release 2.31a3 continues

Any questions or bug reports regarding TNOS should go to tnos-sig mailing lists


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