This program provides a distance and bearing printout for a number of operating sites in the UK stored in SITES.DAT.
Run SITECALC.EXE making sure SITES.DAT is in the current working directory.  At the first prompt enter either a locator (6 or 8 digit), NGR or a sitename.   The format is recognised automatically. In the case of a sitename, just enough of the name needs to be entered to positively identify the site in the database, but the letters can occur anywhere within the name. If return is pressed at this point the database can be scrolled through to review the list before entering a sitename.
Select Magnetic or True bearings (The default is True) and if Magnetic, enter your own magnetic variation or press return for an approximate calculated one.  This is calculated using the empirically derived formula :- Mag Var. =  .09 * Lat - .5 * Long and seems to hold good over most of Southern England at least: to around 1 degree accuracy.
If you require a printout for ALL sites press return at minimum and maximum distances for printout.  If only paths over a certain distance, or under (or both) are wanted then enter the appropriate figures.  If only bearings within a certain sector are wanted, answer 'Y' at the prompt and enter the two required limits, clockwise from A to B  eg. 350,40 prints those bearings from 350ø to 40ø including north.
If a printout is required, answer Y/N for hardcopy and enter the appropriate printer type,  then sit back and watch.  The printer types should cover most common devices.  A print to file option is provided at this point and the file may be sorted into order of either Name, Bearing, Locator or Distance
If hardcopy has NOT been requested then the screen display will halt after each screenful and can be continued by pressing the spacebar.  As a shortcut when starting the program the sitename may be entered as part of the command line,  eg type   SITECALC G4JNT
The hardcopy option will also allow a file to be made.  This is in the same format as printed copy, but in addition may be sorted into order of either name, distance bearing, locator or NGR.  The sorting options are presented after the initial calculations have been completed.
8 digit locators are provided where the stored location accuracy allows; where location is stored as a 6 digit locator (many home stations for example) the generated NGR is only give to 1km accuracy to avoid confusion.


Screenshot of SITECALC from G8YOA QTH:-

Screenshot of SITECALC.EXE